Belarusian cuisine: simple and tasty

Anano Chikhradze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

When you travel to a new country, in the first place, you think about what to see. However, one of the most important parts of traveling is to explore local cuisine. Belarusian cuisine is simple and tasty. The main ingredient in Belarusian dishes is potato, and that is why people often joke that the potato rules the country. Also, you have to know about several Belarusian drinks that will make your experience more interesting. 

Draniki, holodnik, and other dishes

To start with potatoes, it has a special taste in Belarus. A majority of the national dishes contain potato, and the most famous one is called ‘draniki.’ Usually, draniki is a dish made with finely chopped potatoes that are fried with salt and oil. It is best to eat draniki with a special sauce called ‘Smetana.’ 

One more very famous dish is ‘holodnik.’ The main ingredient is beet, and it is a cold soup that is very nice when it is warm or hot outside. Belorussians also add potatoes and boiled eggs in it. Holodnik will refresh you, and it is very good for your health. 

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Belarusian cuisine offers a big variety of dishes that are made with vegetables, and you can find your favorite ones easily. For example, some of them could be - ‘zhur’, a soup made with meat and milk or ‘polivka’, a soup made with cereals and vegetables, as well as carrot and pumpkin soup. 

Belarusians are also proud of their national bread that is baked with the use of rye flour. This** **bread is very tasty and healthy, and it is even a bit heavier and sour.


One of the most famous Belarusian drinks is ‘sbiten.’ It is a Belarusian version of Glühwein. It is a hot drink that is made with honey mixed with sugar, herbs and different spices. Sbiten is famous in the wintertime, while ‘kvass’ is widely used in summer. Kvass is made with cereals, and it is natural non-alcoholic drink. Another drink is ‘garelka’, which is a Belarusian vodka. They are producing vodka with different flavors, such as honey or different fruits, and it is very popular in the country. 

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Time for degustation 

When it comes to the places where you can enjoy the Belarusian cuisine, I would suggest several places in Minsk. The first place is the Restaurant ‘Vasilki’, where you can find a diverse menu of the national dishes and drinks. They prepare it with the best ingredients and technics, which gives this food a perfect taste. Another place is the Restaurant ‘Lido’ that offers Belarusian and Russian cuisine. I love their draniki very much, so I advise you to taste it there. 

Picture © Credits to iStock/bellanatella

I hope that now you have a general idea about the Belarusian cuisine which is simple and tasty. Of course, it is not the full list, but I will write more about this topic later. Search for your favorite dish and enjoy the travel. 

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