Be in the shoes of Hollywood actors in Romania

Eva Poteaca | Live the World

November 23, 2022

There are many activities I like to do, but sometimes I choose just to relax and watch a movie. While doing so, I can’t stop admiring the great landscapes and places some films parade and think about visiting those venues one day. This dream I have, of visiting markers seen in the cinema or at home, is also applicable to Romania. There are a few places of this amazing country that were chosen for famous screenplays, and while viewing some of them, one can surely be in the shoes of Hollywood actors

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Locations for movies in Bucharest

It won’t come as a surprise to you that the capital, Bucharest, is the location where most of the Hollywood movies were shot in Romania. There are a series of films, like "The Dying of the Light" (2014) partially shot in the capital of Romania. Even the adventurous series about a famous detective Sherlock Holmes or the controversial film about the painter Modigliani (2004) include the scenes from Bucharest. But what are the eye-catching places in some of Hollywood movies filmed in this amazing eastern country?

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The first stop in Bucharest would be the one-of-a-kind palace, the People’s House, which serves as the Palace of the Parliament. One of the movies that shows it is a dark-comedy crime film starring Jonah Hill - "War Dogs". The plot of the movie takes the story in Albania, but some of the scenes were actually filmed in Romania.

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Another stop in Bucharest is the symbol of "Romania made whole" – the Arch of Triumph. Where can you see this monument on your screens? "The Expendables 3" (2014), an action film starring Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson and many more, is one of the movies that caught my attention, showing not only the monument but the breath-taking location of the masterpiece, at the intersection of the Kiseleff road with the nearby boulevards

Our second stop – Constanța

Traveling to the southeastern part of Romania, about 200 km from the capital, Bucharest, a location worth one’s attention is the city of Constanța. The streets of one of the oldest cities in Romania served as a plot for the science fiction thriller showing a scenario of an overpopulated world, "What happened to Monday" (2017). The must-sees in Constanța, the Casino and the Naval Shipyard can be spotted in the comedy-drama "The Brothers Bloom" (2008) – although the film is placing the action in Sankt Petersburg, Russia.  

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Following more film spots

One of the favorite locations caught in a Hollywood movie is the treasure hid in the mountains, the Peleș Castel. This location can also be seen in the comedy mentioned above, "The Brothers Bloom", and in the movie itself, the location is the residency of the millionaire Penelope, played by Rachel Weisz. Those passionate about the medieval era were definitely impressed by the scenes from "Ghost Rider, Spirit of vengeance" (2012), where one of the remnants of the medieval Transylvania: The Corvin Castle is shown on the screens. 

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The breath-taking landscape of Râșnov Citadel and its surroundings were brought on screen by the movie "Cold Mountain" (2003), an epic war film starring Nicole Kidman. The movie was filmed almost entirely in Romania. Last but not least, one location that will definitely catch your attention is Rupea, a heaven from the past, where some of the action of a fantasy movie inspired by the English poem with the same name - "Beowulf" (2007) takes place.

There are thousands of reasons to visit the all seasons country, Romania. I am sure you won’t be disappointed by the dazzling cities and unspoiled nature. Last but not least, visit this amazing country so that you can be in the shoes of Hollywood actors.

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