Be a child at Dino Park Râșnov

Eva Poteaca | Live the World

November 23, 2022

I don’t know about your childhood, but as a child, I was fascinated with dinosaurs and always excited about seeing all kinds of relics of reptiles in the museums. The fact that you couldn’t see one in real life made them even more fascinating. I also dreamed that I would see one in real life and hoped one day my dream would come true. Nowadays, this is almost possible at the Dino Park in Râșnov, in center of Ro[mania](, where one can be a child and almost see a real dinosaur, as 47 real size reptiles are found here.

Unique dinosaur park

You can go back in time 150 million years at the Dino Park in Râșnov, where all the reptiles were reconstructed after the latest discoveries in paleontology, and while successfully combining fiber with a special type of resin, it makes the life-size dinosaurs so realistic and worth visiting. The park is spread over 1.5 hectares, so this experience can only be amazing. The park itself is the biggest of this kind in south-eastern Europe.

Some of the species you can find here

My favorite dinosaur you can find here is the Tyrannosaurus, a reptile that grew about 13 meters’ high and had about six tons in weight. It was one of the most feared animals of all time as it was a total predator with a very strong bite, presumed to be ten times stronger than one of a crocodile.

The Anchylosus lizard can also be found here and is one of the 47 real size dinosaurs from Dino Park Râșnov. It is one of the most famous armored dinosaurs with a body protected by bone plaques and a tail formed by seven vertebras bound together. The tail of the Anchylosus lizard was actually the biggest weapon of this dinosaur.

There are also herbivores here, one of them being the Diplodocus. I am almost sure you will recognize this dinosaur with its long neck and tail and peg-like front teeth. These are just a few of the replicas you can see here, and I am sure you can find your favorite ones also.

A place for adults and children alike

Not only are the dinosaurs the main attraction but there are also a series of events that take place every year. During Easter, one can try finding the Easter eggs. For Halloween, the dinosaurs are decorated in a unique way. You can even stay in a tent here over the weekend. For those more passionate about these extinct reptiles, you can even celebrate Valentine’s Day or Women’s Day here. 

If one wants to extend his journey, one can visit the Rupea or Râșnov citadel, the beautiful Brașov city, the Hollywood of Eastern Europe or Bușteni, as all these locations are in a 50 kilometer radius. You don’t necessarily have to be a child to visit Dino Park in Râșnov. It is a unique experience for all ages.

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