Bușteni, the town with an amazing view

Eva Poteaca | Live the World

November 23, 2022

While in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, there is a good chance you will travel to the medieval city of Brașov. While taking this itinerary, you may want to enjoy every minute and choose to visit the city of Sinaia or the town Bușteni. There are a lot of reasons for being on the road to Brașov** and stopping to visit the town of Bușteni. And the most important of them is an amazing view**. I still remember the first time I saw the mountain chain of the Southern Carpathian situated in Bușteni, and the rush I got from seeing them. Also called the Bucegi Mountains, these rocky cliffs cover the surface of around 300 square kilometers and are visited by over a million tourists yearly. This amazing place can be spotted starting from Sinaia onward.

Picture © Credit to:szulmann

The Bucegi Plateau

Once you arrive at Bușteni, your adventures just begin. Want to be amazed? Take the cable car of the city up to the Bucegi Plateau. Being the longest cable car ride in the country, the excursion lasts ten minutes. 2400 meters high, the Bucegi Plateau offers a fantastic view of the city below and the mountains engulfing it. If you are adventurous, you won’t hesitate to take this trip and admire The Babele Complex. While there, don’t forget to admire the Sphinx, a part of the Babele Complex and one of the most interesting formations formed due to the erosion from wind and rain. These rocks are the starting point of many backpacking trails, including a trail to „The Cross of the People's Heroes”. Statistics show that it is Europe's highest and biggest placed cross, situated at 2291 meters of altitude and with an impressive height of 28 meters.

The Howling Waterfall

Another enjoyable hiking trail is the one leading to The Howling Waterfall. Starting at the cable car, the 40-minute walk takes the tourists through the forest to a loud waterfall with an interesting legend attached to it. The legend has it that a shepherd's girl lived in the area and that two brothers fell in love with her simultaneously. Neither one of the brothers knew about the growing affection of the other. One day, they both tried to surprise the girl by each of them grabbing one of her hands. The girl was surprised and frightened by the boys and fell off of a cliff screaming. During her fall, she turned into the howling waterfall, seemingly screaming in frustration because of her early demise. The boys turned into the stones on both sides of the waterfall, where they can be seen today.

Visiting the town

Bușteni is a small town with a few streets only, but the buildings decorated with stones have a certain appeal to them. The Cantacuzino Castle and his stone walls shouldn't be missed when visiting Bușteni. It offers a panoramic view of the mountains and the town, plus it's a great place to watch the sunset behind the mountains while having a relaxing dinner. Heavenly good Romanian crepes can be found in the restaurants and food stands all around the town, and this is why there always seems to be a sweet smell in the air.

Picture © Credit to: Alexnn

Next time you visit the capital of Romania, remember that Bucharest has a lot to offer. But for a nature lover, the beautiful town of Bușteni in the mountains and on the road to Brașov, has an amazing view, that one shouldn't miss.

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