Ban Jelačić Square, a busy beehive of Zagreb

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The meeting place, the center of events, the geographical center of the city, the most famous square in Croatia, the place of crossroads, the place of celebrations - welcome to Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb. It might sound like a cliche, but central Zagreb square is much more than that. Let me tell you the story of the most famous square in Zagreb and why is this busy beehive of the city so important.

A historical place

Ban Jelačić Square is located in the very center if you look at the map of the city of Zagreb. Certainly, all roads will lead you to it, and from it, you will go to all directions to visit the most important Zagreb locations. Ban Jelačić Square is positioned below the Upper Town and at the crossroads of many streets, among others - the famous Ilica Street. Ban Jelačić Square, which changed its name over time, was always a meeting point. At some point, it was also a market place, and since then, it sometimes hosts open markets. The square was a place of military rallies and festivals, and according to the legend, the witches gathered around the Manduševac fountain on the square. Ban Jelačić Square is one of the oldest town squares since the sources mention its importance as from the 17th century.

It is important to say that Ban Jelačić Square was named after Ban Josip Jelačić, a Croatian ban and an important historical personality from the middle of the 19th century. On the square, there is a statue of Ban Jelačić on a horse, that represents one of the symbols of the city of Zagreb.

Photo © credits: iStock/JudyDillon

The square today

Today, Ban Jelačić Square is the place where the well-known Advent in Zagreb is held (among other locations). This is the place from where you will start any night-out or over-the-day coffee while going towards the vibrant Tkalčićeva street. The square is surrounded mainly by 19th-century buildings, and the statue of Ban Jelaćić dominates over the square, of course. On the square, there is also a fountain Maduševac and a clock that is the most famous meeting point.

Photo © credits: iStock/xbrchx

This busy beehive you can not perceive while on it. It is the best seen from Zagreb 360 observation deck. Bustling people will move in all directions, and blue trams will find their way through the rails (seven daily lines and three night lines). This square is a place of great energy and hustle, and people usually do not hold much on it. You will stay the longest there if you attend a concert or welcome the athletes who had won some important international competitions.

Photo © credits: iStock/klug-photo

Let's meet by the statue of Ban

Ban Jelačić Square is definitely a place you can not miss when you are in Zagreb. It's a place you'll always return to wherever you go. This busy beehive of the city has its own special charm, and you will definitely love it.

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