Ilica Street in Zagreb and its magical charm

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

It's impossible to miss it. It's impossible not to walk along this iconic street. It is one of the longest streets in the Croatian capital city of Zagreb. Besides the Upper Town and Ban Jelačić Square, Ilica and Tkalčićeva streets are definitely among the top five Zagreb must-visit locations. Let me take you on a 5-kilometer-long ride through Ilica Street and show you its magical charm.

Ilica - Zagreb's most famous street 

Located in the city center of Zagreb, Ilica Street is definitely a place that you can't miss. It's more than five kilometers long and connects the city center with the Vrapče neighborhood. In some of its parts, Ilica is so narrow that the trams and people cannot move through it at the same time. A famous blue tram will take you from one end to the other. Wherever your accommodation is located, Ilica is close. Actually, almost every instruction on how to move around Zagreb will have Ilica as a reference. 

Photo © credits: iStock/ELENAPHOTOS

What to visit in Ilica Street?

Let's start moving down Ilica Street. You will see and feel how it starts as a small, narrow, cobblestone street and grows into a big modern-day boulevard street. As I said, the street is around five kilometers long, and if you want to visit it on foot be my guest. If you prefer to hop on a blue tram, then choose the numbers 1, 6 or 11 from Ban Jelačić Square. I am more "on foot" guy, and our first stop will be at Ilica No. 1 - Zagreb 360° Observation Deck. A lovely view with a cup of good coffee is guaranteed. The observation deck is opened from 10 am to 10 pm, and the entrance fee is around eight EUR (February 2019 information). This will be the unique place to see the whole Ilica Street, since this part of Zagreb is pretty flat. Then, a dozen of numbers afterwards, at the house number 18, turn right to Tomićeva Street, and there you will find a famous Uspinjača or cable car that brings thousands of tourists to the Upper Town. Don't forget to visit the Museum of broken relationships, a few steps after you get off the cable car.

Photo © credits: iStock/Jelena990

But, let's go back to our magical Ilica Street. Moving to the west, the street is spreading and becomes wider. Hundreds of shops and bars away, you will reach the house number 49 - there you will get your well-deserved beer. We are at the famous Pivnica Medvedgrad, where the best craft beer is served. After the beer break, cross the street and a few blocks away fall into an illusion trap and test your senses at the house number 72, in the Museum of Illusions, one of the unique Zagreb museums. After the Museum of illusions, it's the time to hop on a tram and visit Pivana, one of the oldest bars in Zagreb. It's located at the house number 222 of Ilica Street.

Where to head next?

After hours and hours of walking and enjoying, you can rest in many parks that Ilica is leading to. Ilica is magical and sometimes overcrowded, but its charm fascinates us every time we visit it. Ilica is also home to many public buildings and organizations, hospitals, ministries, as well as many shops and bars.  It is definitely one of the symbols of Zagreb, but** **after a lot of walking, it's the time for some music and drinks, right? Let's move now to Tkalčićeva Street - the nightlife epicenter of Zagreb.

Photo © credits: iStock/jasminam

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