Zagreb public transport: follow the blue vehicle

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Wherever we travel, we always search for the public transport options in** the city or country we are going to. The data we find on the Internet are usually sufficient just to move from the point A to the point B. Sometimes, the city transport itself is simple, sometimes complicated, sometimes expensive, sometimes cheap (or even free), but the public transport websites are mostly full of service information - timetables, maps, prices, etc. Let's see how it looks like in the city of Zagreb. Some details are fascinating. Let's take a ride on the streets of Zagreb by following the blue vehicle**.

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, and as such is the place where many institutions are located. It's a transport hub, but also the most populous city in Croatia. Like every modern city, Zagreb has organized city transportation. You can see the public transport map below this paragraph, and you can* *find it helpful when you come to Zagreb. Public transport in Zagreb is divided into tram and bus options. In addition to trams and buses, there is also an interesting way of transportation - a funicular, and the cable car. Unfortunately, the Zagreb cable car to Medvednica is out of service, but we can mention it as an integral part of the transportation of the city of Zagreb. The cable car used to connect the town with the Medvednica Nature Park. It was about four kilometers long, and the journey would last up to 30 minutes.

Photo © credits: Wikipedia/ZET

Trams and buses - all in blue

All the means of transportation in Zagreb are painted in blue, which is an unofficial color of the city. The tram is definitely the most popular mode of transport. Blue trams move around the city during the day and the night. There are 15 daily and 4 night lines in the city. The tram line network is well-organized, and you can reach all the parts of the city by tram. The first tram appeared in Zagreb in the late 19th century, and it was dragged by horses. Already in 1910, the tram network was electrified and expanded.

Photo © credits: iStock/iascic

In addition to trams, there are (of course bluebuses that fill those paths where there are no tram tracks. Tram and bus tickets are limited to 30, 60 or 90 minutes, and tickets can be purchased for the whole day, as well as 3, 7, 15 or 30 days. The tram lines network is well-developed, and if you need a tram to any direction, the main square (Trg Bana Jelačića) is a perfect place to catch it since many lines pass by this busy city hub.

Photo © credits: iStock/Boris25

Funicular - uspinjača

One of the symbols of the city is Zagreb's funicular. It connects Donji and Gornji Grad (Lower and Upper Town), and the ride takes only 30 seconds. The trip is 60-feet long and represents one of the shortest city lifts lines in the world. The funicular is located in Tomićeva Street, which is connected to the famous Ilica street. The funicular preserved its historical design from the end of the 19th century. When in the funicular, the view of the Lower Town is very nice, but since the ride is very short, you may need to take several of them. The ride costs less than one euro.

Photo © credits: iStock/Panama7

The view from the top of Zagreb's funicular:

Photo © credits: iStock/Tashka

The end of the blue ride

Zagreb is a place from where you can visit all the cities in Croatia or surrounding countries since it is well-connected by trains and buses - from the Zagreb Main Station trains run regularly 365 days a year. In the city of Zagreb, transportation is easy: just follow the blue vehicles that will take you to any direction, or simply rent a bike and visit Zagreb on a bicycle, so that you can familiarize the best with the city and its inhabitants. PS: This last photo is the cabin of the old Sljeme cable car. This old cabin served as an artistic project proving that some rides are never-ending.

Photo © credits: Wikipedia/Suradnik13

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