An incredible hiking experience by the Black Lake

Peat moors with lakes belong among the most breath-taking natural sights in Slovenia. One of them is certainly an artificially created Black Lake on the Pohorje mountain range. Nowadays, the lake is 56 hectares large and is home to some unique and endangered plant and animal species, such as the rare species of dragonflies. With its rare plants, fresh air and green woods, it offers an incredible experience for every hiker. At the popular Trije Kralji Ski Resort, accommodation in a hotel or small houses called brunarice is available, and from there, a pleasant 20-minute walk through the forest on wooden bridges and stairs brings you to the Black Lake.

Picture © Credits to: Wikimedia Commons / breki74

Black but clear water

The lake was created around 8000 years ago, at the end of the Ice Age and was discovered by hikers in 1836, who have been actively visiting it ever since. There are also many wonderful folk tales about the creation of the Black Lake, which represent a valuable ethnological and cultural heritage, specific for this part of Pohorje. At the bottom of the lake, also known as Črno jezero, the organic waste of dead plants and animals accumulated for many years eventually created a thick layer of a dark, almost black substance called sludge. Therefore, it looks as if its water is dirty and black, although in reality, it is incredibly clear. According to the locals, there are quite large and diverse amounts of fish living in the lake. Marsh vegetation and algae also are steadily growing around it, which is why, every now and then, the lake is emptied and cleaned. Because of the unique ecosystem there, the area is protected, and people who visit it have to obey a special regime, with activities like camping and making of open fire being prohibited. 

Picture © Credits to: Wikimedia Commons / breki74

Hiking is the way to go 

If you choose the option of actively spending your time in nature, the most popular activity in the area is definitely hiking. One of the preferred and most accessible destinations is a lodge at the top of the mountain called Osankarica, located in the middle of forests in Pohorje. The lodge is also a suitable starting or intermediate point of other beautiful walks along the mountain range. You can visit the nearby Black Lake, take a walk to the historical Pohorje Battalion or continue your path to the Šumik lodge and waterfall. All of these paths and destinations are well marked, so you only have to follow the signs and let your incredible experience in this area of untouched nature happen. 

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