Aloo parantha, an ode to Delhi's food

Kirti Arora | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Food has the power to bring people closer. That is why the common saying - "those who eat together, stay together". Be it families, friends, or acquaintances, food bonds people through exciting conversations and flavours. A great meal is enough to bring a smile on everyone's face - someone rightly said that the way to one's heart goes through the stomach! One such meal is aloo parantha (potato stuffed Indian bread). The meal is simple to make and goes off the plate even faster than that! It is very popular in the northern part of India, where it is served with various accompaniments. For food connoisseurs, aloo parantha is not just any meal, it is an ode to Delhi's food

History of aloo parantha 

The word parantha comes from the Sanskrit language. The first mention of paranthas was made in the 12th-century Sanskrit book "Mānasollāsa" (which means 'that which exhilarates the mind'). The book was composed by King Someshvara III, who was the ruler of present-day southern India. The book compiled vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian recipes, including several dishes based on the fermentation of cereals and flours. Additionally, the book also included recipes with pork, venison, goat meat, fish, etc. 

No bread, only aloo parantha

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Particularly in northern India, in places such as ChandigarhAmritsar, and Delhi, the consumption of aloo parantha is high. Primarily because of a majority of the Punjabi and Sikh communities. People in these areas usually prefer to eat freshly made food, hence less affliction towards loaves of bread, attributing to higher popularity of paranthas, chiefly aloo parantha. The best part about aloo parantha is that it can be eaten for breakfast/ lunchdinner

Aloo parantha - the dearest Punjabi food

The Punjabi community in India (and also globally) are known for their big-heartedness and love for food. These people can adjust to everything in life, but not forgetting the flavours of their foods and condiments around them. And when it comes to aloo paranthas, Punjabis prefer everything about it to be perfect. Yes, that is how far people can go for the love of their dearest foods

Flavours and more flavours

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The stuffing of the aloo paratha, which is primarily boiled potatoes, can be a deal maker or deal breaker for foodies. Different spices can be added to the stuffing - suiting food palates of different people. That is the best part about aloo paranthas as people love relishing them in India and abroad. I particularly love the flavour of desi ghee (clarified butter),** **which is added after frying/roasting the paranthas. Relish them hot for the best flavours. 

Amrik Sukhdev, Murthal

Some of the best paranthas in India can be found in Amrik Sukhdev, Murthal, which is located one hour drive from Delhi. The place is known for its flavourful parathas, not just aloo paranthas but other variants are served as well. You can enjoy awesome hospitality here with a wide range of Indian meals to choose from. While at Murthal, do not forget to ask for a bowl of fresh yoghurt. It tastes heavenly. And if you have space left in your tummy, their farm milk is just yum!

Paranthe Wali Gali, Chandni Chowk

This narrow lane in Old Delhi is home to foodies. One can find unlimited variations of paranthas (including dry fruits, rabri, tomato, cheese, cottage cheese, etc.). The list is literally endless and can leave you confused. One can also find the humble aloo parantha here. Give it a try and enjoy the decadence of this yummy meal. The simplicity of the meal and its rich taste will make up for an engaging experience. 

So, during your next trip to Delhi, make sure you taste aloo paranthas, which rightly pays an ode to the city's food

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