All Kazakhstan in 4 hours at Atameken Museum, Nur-Sultan

Nazerke Makhanova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Kazakhstan is one of the 10 largest countries in the world. A variety of tourist destinations might take years to discover, as one needs to travel pretty long distances from one part of the country to another. For example, one of the longest distances from West Kazakhstan to East Kazakhstan usually takes up to 20 hours. Imagine how big the country is! But if you are in Nur-Sultan, you can see all of Kazakhstan in only 4 hours by visiting the Atamaken Museum. So, let's have a quick guide to Kazakhstan!

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Atameken Museum

Atameken Museum was officially opened in 2001. It is located on 2 hectares of land filled with the miniatures of the most important destinations of Kazakhstan. The main idea of the ethno-museum was to raise the knowledge of locals of the history of the motherland. More than that, this museum became one of the most beloved places for tourists because it allows seeing the whole of Kazakhstan within quite a short excursion. The museum is divided into 2 parts. In the open-air part, one can see small versions of tourist destinations of Kazakhstan's 14 regions and 2 main big cities. The second part of the museum is in the building, where one can enjoy the miniatures of Nur-Sultan city's left bank. Overall, the complex has more than 400 small copies of the most popular attractions

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What to see

The museum is divided into regions of Kazakhstan. For example, in the Akmola region, one can find a miniature of the  ALZHIR Museum and ex-concentration camp near Nur-Sultan, a historical place to visit to feel Kazakhstan's history. In the Almaty region, there is a layout of the famous Charyn Canyon! Apart from that, one can see a miniature of one of the most sacred places in West Kazakhstan - the underground mosque of Beket Ata. The museum has lots of other popular tourist attractions and gives you an idea of the best places to discover in Kazakhstan.

Schedule and practicalities

Ethno-memorial complex "Map of Kazakhstan - Atameken" works from May to October, from 10 am until 7 pm (except for Mondays). The English language visit is available but you need to book it in advance. The complex is carefully constructed by many talented architects and artists of Kazakhstan. Smoking and drinking alcohol is prohibited, together with throwing the trash. Just like in every museum, it is taken care of. Also, if you would like to take photos inside the museum, it will cost an additional fee. After arranging your English excursion visit and paying the ticket, you can enter and enjoy the museum

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How to reach

The complex is located on the left bank of Nur-Sultan in a quite busy yet fun part of the city. Regardless of the type of transportation, the main point to reach is either the Duman Oceanarium or a Keruen city shopping mall. After visiting the Atameken museum, you may also discover other attractions located at a walking distance like Duman Oceanarium and Ailand waterpark, Keruen city shopping mall, Sauna Keremet, Karaotkel bridge, Khan Shatyr shopping mall (the biggest tent building around the globe), the biggest Opera and ballet theater of Central Asia -** Astana. This location also gives a chance to get on the Ferris wheel that one can find right in front of the Oceanarium, thus one can enjoy the beautiful sightseeing of Nur-Sultan. If you go towards the river side, then you may also see the Central Amusement park of Nur-Sultan together with the Staggering Bridge**. 

© Flickr / Alex J.Butler

The ethno-memorial complex Atameken is a perfect spot to see all of Kazakhstan in 4 hours only. Apart from glancing at Kazakhstan's top tourist attractions, in the covered part of the museum, one can also have a quick guide on what to see in the capital city.** **

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