Agritourism and Historical Villages in Cyprus: Lefkara & Vavatsinia

Anastasia Bartzi | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Agritourism or agrotourism has turned into a fancy way of traveling. As we already know, Cyprus is blessed with natural and human-made beauty and with an abundant historical heritage. Its beautifully unique natural environment is complemented by its traditional villages and architecture, which give it a special character. The visitors on the island, are always welcomed in the traditional warm and hospitable Cypriot way.

Some people prefer the sea, while others prefer the mountains; whichever your preference is, Cyprus can offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy agritourism and live the local experience. Take in the aromas of the natural life and the wondrous scenery, visit monasteries both ancient and contemporary, walk on nature trails, admire the archaeological sites, and elevate your spirit via a real-life country experience. 

Pano Lefkara Village

 Lefkara gains a gran reputation that goes beyond the frontiers of Cyprus due to the birth of the needlecraft art, right at this spot.  Lefkara owes its welfare and prosperity to this needlecraft art, named "Lefkariotika" and its trade launched in the late 19th century.

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Lefkara is an excellent destination during summer because of its pleasant temperatures that allow you to cover up with a blanket overnight. It is located only 45km away from  Nicosia, at the foot of the Troodos Mountains in the southeastern region.


The name of Lefkara village derives from the color of the surrounding calcareous rocks: “White rocks = Lefkara.”  During the occupation period by the Franks, Lefkara became the seat of the Greek Orthodox Bishop of Limassol, Amathus. Without having any relevant evidence, the settlement is likely to have been established and developed to its current status during the Arab raids between the 7th and 9th century A.D.

When the British colonization occurred in 1878, Lefkara and Morphou have been declared "the first rural municipalities" in Cyprus. Everything became more operational, and facilities for the residents of the village have been installed to make their lives easier. A town hall started working, a market opened, and electricity problems have been solved. It all made the village more functional and brought it to its current form.

Vavatsinia Village

The village has taken its name from one black currant tree, which still exists by the river. This village dates back to Arab times, due to its first inhabitants that came to Vavatsinia Village to escape from the Arabs. The first inhabitants were shepherds coming from the nearby villages Panayia, Ayios Nicolaos, and Ayia Marina.

This village has a significant advantage; its climate. It is hot during the summer and mild dry during the wintertime. The landscape is spectacular, covered with closed broadleaved deciduous forest. During wintertime that the snow covers every corner and every tree of this idyllic place, it seems that you are living in a wonderland.

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Vavatsinia -that is a mulberry tree from which the village took its name-, can be found at the lower end of the village towards the stream. Above the stream passes the road which links the town to other communities.

The village offers different trekking routes that you can do. In one of these routes, in the part where the forest is denser, you can find a restaurant to have a rest and taste some Cypriot meze. The name of this place is "Maria." There you will have the opportunity to taste fantastic traditional Cypriot meze in a very friendly and cozy environment. The sweets are very traditional and homemade. 

The village has a central square that it is located at its entrance. It has been paved after the initiative of the Community Council and the funding of the District Administration Larnaca. Nearby the central square, you can admire the oldest pine tree of the village.

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