Adventure time in Pucón

Francisca Pizarro | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Are you an outdoor fan and considering visiting Chile? If so, Pucón will be among your favourite destinations! The city is a hotspot among adventurers because it is the starting point for many outdoor activities. If you like to push yourself to the limit, enjoy amazing landscapes and a wide range of adventures, Pucón is a must-see for you. This story is focused on the adventures you can live nearby Pucón, but even if you are not the outdoor type of tourist, Pucón also has a lot for you to offer. Spa resorts with one the best gastronomical offers in southern Chile, traditional crafts fairs and elegant casinos by the lakeside are just part of the offer. As you can see, Pucón could be a great place for everyone. Let's have the adventure time in Pucón!


The city is located at the feet of the Villarrica Volcano, in the Araucania Region, in southern Chile. The city is culturally mixed - it has Mapuche roots and a bit of German influence. Actually, the Germans were the ones who started opening hotels and making Pucón a tourist place. Before you arrive in the city, you can get an idea of what awaits ahead, thanks to the landscape of greenery and flowers that greet you as you travel. When you get there, an absolute must-see is Villarrica Lake with its view, you will not be able to get out of your mind. The lake looks like a giant mirror that reflects all the beauty that surrounds you. Also, you can not miss the opportunity to eat amazing southern food and walk through the city's traditional crafts markets. Locals are nice and eager to help to please you. I will not tell you more, as I do not spoil the experience for you. Pucón will be the starting point for the adventures I will present you. Because of the nature of the adventures, you cannot likely live them all in one day, so I recommend you plan a day, starting with an outdoor experience and ending it with a relaxing one.

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Visit a National Park

Pucón is really close to the Parque Nacional Villarrica and the Parque Nacional Huerquehue. Both of them are stunning and worth a visit, so I will tell you more about each of them.

Parque Nacional Huerquehue

This national park is said to be one of the most beautiful in Chile. Mountains, streams, crystal clear lagoons and a lot of vegetation are the highlights of the park. What can you do in this gorgeous place? Trekking! Walk among the formidable landscape that surrounds you. One of the most amazing things you can behold inside the park is the Araucarias, an evergreen coniferous tree traditional to the country. Araucaria is not only imposing and striking but also rare. It is a protected species of vegetation because its growth rate is very slow. That is why it is so unique to see a national park full of them. The thing you absolutely have to do while trekking here is close your eyes and enjoy the silence for a bit, only broken by the sounds of the trees or the birds that live there.

© istock/Agustina Camilion

Parque Nacional Villarrica

A visit to this national park is not for the faint of heart. The center of this park is the Villarrica Volcano, infamous for being the most active volcano in South America. If you are in Pucón, you can not miss the oportunity to get to the volcano viewpoint, which will give an unforgettable sight. But if you are really adventurous, you can get to the top of the Villarrica Volcano and stand next to the most active volcano crater in South America. You can feel the heat, see the magma and smell the sulphur. It is a never-to-be-forgotten experience for sure! 

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Rafting in Trancura River 

This is a family-friendly experience for the new rafter. But first, let's talk a bit about the Trancura River. It is the main affluent of Villarrica Lake, and its starts in Quillerhue River, near the border with Argentina. As for the rafting, it is offered by levels. In this river, you can experience level III and IV, which are meant for beginners. You can live the level III rafting in the Trancura Bajo (ideal for family groups and beginners) and the level IV in the Trancura Alto (starts from an easy level and turns into a more difficult one). If you have practised rafting before, this is a course you will probably enjoy. 

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Ojos del Caburgua

This is a classic attraction when you visit Pucón. The Ojos del Caburgua (Caburgua Eyes) are a sight to remember, two turquoise lagoons reminiscent of deep blue eyes. The water that forms the lagoons comes from Caburgua Lake, another iconic place to visit while you are in the region. You can not miss this attraction, it is breathtaking! Native trees surround the Ojos del Caburgua, you can see the waterfall, and the air quality is unparalleled. Breath, see and enjoy the lagoons. You can get there by biking or driving. Last but not least important: you can not bathe in the lagoons! 

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Termas Geométricas 

A relaxing experience after a day of adventures, the Geometrical hot springs are a perfect ending of a perfect day. Surrounded by native forest, the hot waters will take all your worries away. The best part is that the hot springs are close to the Villarrica National Park. The place has 20 pools of hot springs, all of them connected by a wooden bridge. This bridge is nearly 450 meters long, and there is a cold water-fall at the end of it. The place was designed by German del Sol, who wanted to bring together nature and geometry, which he beautifully achieved in this place.

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Pucón is the heart of outdoors sports in Chile and a place of amazing landscapes and unforgettable experiences. It does not matter if you are an adventurous type of tourist or the relaxed one, you will love Pucón and its surroundings. Visit Chile and live the adventure time in Pucón!

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