Activity Seekers in Tirana

Elda Ndoja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Today in Tirana is one of those days that makes it hard to leave home. Such a grey cold day and heavy rain. But however, why let the rain stop you from entertaining and have a good time ? Considering that, I find it useful to give some suggestions about what to do today and the days to come in Tirana. So, for anyone who might be in Tirana these days and happens to read this article here are my suggestions...

1. Feel like partying all night? Charl's is always a good idea. Tonight, NA Band will be performing live rock music and will make sure to give you a great time during the night. Gather some friends, grab some beers and party hard like a real rock fan you are !

2. This info session will focus on giving information about opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ Programme. Erasmus is always a great choice for people and especially students who seek to broaden their education experience. Considering the fact that in Tirana study a lot of international students why not take part in this info session and get extra information.

3. A symphony concert for the classics lovers that brings together in Tirana the german artist Mateusz Moleda and the albanian artist Marin Gjollma. An unforgetable evening about to start !

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