The most significant Erasmus+ institutions Part 3. Italy

Chrisa Lepida | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you’re a student or a young trainee looking for some inspiration before traveling, studying or working abroad, I guess you’re at the right page.

By using our tool we encapsulate a variety of information into our platform, giving in that way the chance to our young audience to explore and get informed properly about their new destination before moving abroad.

In the upcoming series of pages, we will present some of the most significant universities in Europe by regions and countries. Stay tuned.

La dolce vita' is an Italian term, translated literally as 'the sweet life.' It's so easy to fall in love with Italy, as this beautiful country offers the finest of everything that we truly love in life, from a rich traditional food culture to more gorgeous scenery than you could fit into one trip.

At the same time, Italy offers a good mix of historical and modern architecture and is rich in culture. Well, we shouldn’t actually forget mentioning the food.. Ahhh the Italian food…Pizza, Pasta, Mozzarella combined with unique mediterranean flavours and the life is easy!

At the same time Italy offers a variety of institutions and universities participating in multiple European Youth mobility programmes, such as the Erasmus Plus, reason that makes the country an international/multicultural and well considerable expat destination!

Below you may find a list with the most significant youth mobility partner institutions & universities that can be found all over the country, covered so far in our database.

By clicking on the links inserted in each university separately, you will have the chance to get informed specifically about each one of those in detail and explore through our database the cultural & educational activities offered by those institutions.


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