A taste of nature and outdoor activities in Belgium

Nicolas Casula | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Belgium is definitely not just about Brussels. The offering of the country, in term of landscapes and natural landmarks, is an argument in itself for selecting Belgium as your next holiday destination. 

Especially when the sun shines, the intense green and colors of the trees and fields will be really nice and any outdoor activity will likely be an intense boost for our minds and bodies. 

It is widely known that Belgium has some very unique biking spots and paths and indeed, many people cycle here in every season. Renting a bike (or a vespa, for the less-active ones among us) is really easy for tourists and it is definitely a lovely idea for venturing out of the big cities.  

Some of the best natural spots in Belgium

There are several natural reserve in Belgium. One of my favorite ones is called the Zwin Reserve and it is located close to the lovely town of Bruges, at the Belgian coast.  A large plain of grass and water that may be calm and silent on warm and sunny days but also very windy and dramatic when the weather is less good. This place means nature at its very best and if you visit it in autumn and spring, you will have the chance to see many birds mating or just passing by during their migrations. A truly beautiful spot!

Another beautiful spot is called Hallerbos and it is very close to Brussels. This is described by many as a magical forest: calm and silent during the year and incredibly lively and colorful in spring. The best time to visit it is in fact during spring when millions of wild hyacinth blossoms color the whole forest with a purple carpet. There are very few spots in Europe where these flowers flourish this way and it is therefore a must-visit forest for any local or tourist.  

The park of Hout-Pays is another very lovely spot, located in the Wallonia region in Belgium. It is known for its many paths, nature and multiple wild animals living here, especially bird and small mammals. It is a rather large protected area and it is definitely an interesting destination for people willing to hike through nature, to bike or simply to sit for a pic-nic. 

And last but not least, the Hoge Wenen park, situated in Flanders and known for its wild nature and dramatic beauty. This place is beautiful in every season and because of its many area of swamps, there are many wooden paths that will help you while hiking through it. If you are into mountain biking, this is really the spot for you :). Many paths are available for beginners and more advanced bikers. 

Natural spots near or in the cities

Almost all of the cities in Belgium have got great parks and green areas. Because of the weather that is never too dry nor hot, these places have a very rich vegetation and are very nice to be visited all year-round. 

If you are in Antwerp, make sure not to miss the interconnected parks of Nachtegalen and Park Den Brandt. Truly beautiful and total family friendly with lovely playgrounds and cafes. And a big castle too where many ducks like to gather and many children like to feed them.

Leuven is also a city with many lovely parks that many people (especially students) love to enjoy for a pic-nic, a snack or a stroll. The botanical garden, as well as the Groot Begijnhof park (situated at the very heart of the site) and the Dyle park are really worth a trip! In every season, their colors and atmosphere will amaze you!

In Brussels and nearby the capital city, there are many parks that can be explored. My favorite one is the Parc D'Enghies, a very lovely natural reserve that in winter is populate by skiers and snow lovers while in summer by bikers, hikers and sun bathers. A very lovely natural spot for the ones who want to stay close to the city while being immerse in nature. 

I hope you enjoyed my selection of green and natural spots in Belgium. Of course there are many more to discover, so stay tuned for more stories!

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