A small guide to Old Town of Belgrade

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Feel the essence of the city

It is a place where all the artists and bohemians used to gather. It is a place where all of the greatest ideas were made, a place that wrote rich history and established firm traditions. There you can find the oldest architectural and cultural monuments of great significance. It is said that it is the very heart of the Serbian capital, where its vibe can be felt to the fullest. If you asked me what is my favorite part of Belgrade that I would always recommend to everyone as a must visit, my answer will instantly be - Dorcol/Old Town of Belgrade. This part of the city has a unique vibe that you can feel by walking through its narrow streets. Welcome to the Old Town of Belgrade, the essence of the city. It is a historical area of Belgrade with its own personality and soul. All that is recognized and felt through the facades of the old buildings,vintage shops, hip cafés, ice cream trucks, restaurants, authentic Serbian kafanas, cobblestone streets, art galleries, museums and many, many more. Spots in this area offer a constant inspiration and always something new to see, allow me to provide you a small guide through the Old Town of Belgrade, a rather useful itinerary that will help you feel the heart of Belgrade. Keep scrolling for more!

The inevitable part of Old Town of Belgrade is the Republic Square (Trg Republike), where you will see one of the most recognizable monuments and trademarks of Belgrade – the statue of Prince Mihailo, also known for tourists as the man on the horse. At the square, apart from enjoying in the myriad of cafés and restaurants, you can simply sit around the fountain, enjoy the smell of flamboyant flowers and observe people passing by. As Republic Square is the most common meeting point in the Old Town of Belgrade, if you pay attention you can see so many things – encounters full of smiles, tears and love. In the end, you can always visit National Museum of Belgrade and Belgrade National Theatre, located at that very square.

If you continue walking all the way straight from the Republic Square you will see the famous Studentski Trg square, yes another square, but this one is devoted especially to all the numerous universities around. You may simply recognize it by the number of young people and constant manifestations occurring at the square. Emerge in the young crowd and get the most amazing popcorn from Pecina truck.

However, if you turn right from the Republic Square, you will be headed towards a completely different, although definitely not less exciting area of the Old Town of Belgrade. By going down through the narrow street, passing by the most amazing Glumac Palacinkarnica, I warmly suggest you to take a bite at the renowned kiosk of pizza in Belgrade called Bucko Pizza. Now, don’t let the look of the place fool you, as believe me, this is where you find the most affordable and by far the best pizza in town. You will realize why it is called Bucko (fatso) after all.

Finally, if you continue walking down the street, you will reach your final destination for the day – Skadarlija, bohemian area of not just the Old Town, but the whole Belgrade. Start with one rakia or two, and then stay tuned, as I am about to offer you yet another useful guide through Skadarlija. I hope you will enjoy it and really feel the essence of Belgrade.

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