A less-known but amazing animal park: Sóstó ZOO

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Those who have ever been to my country, Hungary's capital might know for one of the most famous and oldest zoos in Europe: Budapest ZOO. Even though, this one is not the only one worth mentioning, when it comes to Hungarian zoos, nay! There is a less-known but also amazing animal park in Nyíregyháza called Sóstó ZOO. It is located five kilometers from the city, in a magical, unmarred environment area. This zoo can be found in the resort area of ​​Sóstó, where a beach bath, a village museum and a park forest provide the relaxation for the visitors. On the 30-acre land, the continents will welcome the guests, so that those who enter here can go through the Earth to observe how the animals live in different parts of the world. So, let me be the one who will show you around the best zoo in Europe, according to the Anthony Sheridan foundation.

Not an everyday experience

There is a hotel inside the animal park called Pangea, with 38 rooms, conference rooms, wonderful view and absolute visit to the zoo. It is a great place for families or couples who love animal's proximity. It's not an everyday experience to wake up by giraffes, sharks, white tigers, and more than 500 species. In addition, there is a dinosaur park in the backyard. Cool, huh?

Photo © Credit to turizmus.com

The main attraction

Those who are interested in seeing Madagascar lemurs, they can visit the monsoon tree on Tarzan's path. Here, you can observe them in their direct environment, which is one of the main attractions. In the "monkey forest", there are ring-tailed lemurs, that are running up and down among the guests. We can admire and photograph them but cannot feed and pet them.

Photo © Credit to nyiregyhaza.info.hu

Feeding experience

The animal park's residents consume around 2000 kg of vegetables, 2400 kg of fruits, 800 kg of meat, 700 kg of fish, 1000 kg of seeds and 3000 liters of water a day. Every Monday and Friday at 9:30; you can see the sharks getting fed by the keepers. By attending the seal show and parrot show, you can observe how they work for treats, and even you yourself have a chance to experience feeding, surprising animals with delicacies using an automatic machine.

Photo © Credit to programturizmus.hu

All in all, we might agree that visiting a zoo - not only this one - is such a wonderful experience in general. Here, in Nyíregyháza, the workers are not only the keepers of these animals. They also rescue them and help endangered species to survive, just like at the private zoo in Felsőlajos.  If you come to Budapest, Nyíregyháza is only two hours by car, which is really not a big deal to visit a less-known but amazing animal park: Sóstó ZOO.

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