A gourmet tour of Zagreb: international cuisine

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

When you are visiting a city for the first time, you want to feel all of it. You want to see all the amazing places, understand the cultural heritage, and be part of everyday life. Some of the places where you can feel all of that are the restaurants. As much as you want to try domestic food and feel like a local, sometimes you are just up for a burger, or a simple pizza, or some other international food in a familiar atmosphere. There are few places in Zagreb perfect for starting your gourmet tour and enjoying the familiar tastes of international cuisine

Kava Tava

Let’s start with a place where you can order breakfast, during the whole day. Kava Tava is a great place for a morning coffee, one of the best coffees I've tried in Zagreb. This place also has very interesting choices for breakfast. It may seem like fast food from the glimpse into a menu that offers various types of egg dishes, but it’s really one fine and interesting restaurant. You can choose between well-planned dishes for lunch or dinner as well. Also, don’t skip trying one of their cocktails

Photo © credits: iStock/seb_ra

Dubravkin put

Let’s say you want to take your girlfriend out for a more fancy dinner than usual. And let’s say you are in Zagreb. Dubravkin put could be a good choice to have a romantic evening in a luxurious restaurant. The whole ambient is very modern and moderate. You should probably be prepared to pay for that dinner, but hey, your better half will feel like a queen. You will have a wonderful view on a park. It is located in the very city center - a few minutes of walking along the park, and you are there.

Photo © credits: iStock/creativesunday2016

Submarine Natural Burgers

Submarine Natural Burgers is part of food chain restaurants. There are four locations in Zagreb and a few more in** Rijeka and Belgrade. Although each one of the four restaurants in Zagreb has great service and magnificent food, I personally like the most the one at Frankopanska street. It’s near the city center, and the atmosphere there is absolutely great. Be aware that you will probably eat the most delicious burgers in Zagreb**. They are simply masters of their job! 

Photo © credits:iStock/Arx0nt

Like in all big cities, you have so many options for a delicious meal in Zagreb. Depending on what you want to try, Zagreb will give you a great gourmet tour, both domestic and international. Bon Appetit! PS. Don't forget to read A gourmet tour of Zagreb: domestic cuisine.

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