A gourmet tour of Zagreb: the domestic cuisine

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

First things first! Everyone has to eat. You can not enjoy all the beauty of one place with an empty stomach. I wrote a lot about Zagreb. It is a beautiful city with so much to see, and you already know where to find good craft beer in Zagreb. Good refreshment must go together with good food. So, let me take you on a gourmet tour of Zagreb and its domestic cuisine. Prepare yourself for the tastes of your life!

La Štruk

I was wondering which restaurant to present you first, as there are so many amazing ones, and the order of the list is not based on quality, but random. In the end, everything is individual choice and taste.

La Štruk is a small, cozy restaurant in the very city center close to the cathedral. It serves štukli, a domestic dish made of cheese. All ingredients are domestic, from various parts of Croatia. You can also try domestic wines and local beer. The staff is friendly and ready to explain all the ingredients upon customers' questions. The food is delicious and affordable, and you will be back again, for sure.

Photo © credits: Wikipedia/Seanpu1

Pri zvoncu

If you want to feel a real, local atmosphere and see how restaurants have looked ages ago, I recommend something that we call "jela pod sačem" at Pri zvoncu restaurant. The dishes are made in clay plates, which are then covered with hot ash. The tastes are absolutely amazing, and you probably haven't tried anything similar before. The whole restaurant is made in an old-fashioned style, so you can take a peek into Croatian culture as well. This restaurant offers meals that our grandparents used to cook. My favorite dish is the veal *ispod sača*, but you won’t be mistaken with any other choice.

Photo © credits: iStock/bhofack2

Didov san 

Didov san is a different kind of restaurant with an absolutely stunning menu. This type of restaurant is called konoba. They provide a taste of Dalmatian cuisine, mixed with Bosnian and Mediterranean cuisine. There are two konobas named Didov san in Zagreb, one of which is downtown, in Gornji grad, near the City Museum of Zagreb. You can choose Didov san for either lunch or dinner, but I would recommend visiting this restaurant for late breakfast, as you won’t find such good uštipci sa kajmakom anywhere else in Zagreb.

Photo © credits: iStock/gsermek

Prepare your stomach for the great food Zagreb has to offer. Get ready to start your own gourmet tour of Zagreb and its domestic cuisine and find your favorite taste! PS. Don't forget to read A gourmet tour of Zagreb: international cuisine.

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