A Zagreb tour through five stations

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Zagreb is a place to visit on foot, that's for sure, although I always recommend a bike to visit this city. It's important to make a break in the park or a coffee break at one café. Walking along the streets of Zagreb is interesting because you will always find something curious, at every corner. As the capital of Croatia, Zagreb is also a place where numerous institutions, organizations, company seats are located, so the crowd is a compulsory part of every day. Zagreb has many parks and unique museums, good nightlife, beautiful buildings and squares - all that is worth visiting. Let's go for a nice tour around Zagreb through five stations, where I will show you Zagreb from my perspective.

The first station: Ban Jelačić Square

The center of the city, the epicenter of events, the place of meetings, the square Ban Jelačić is where we will start this tour. On the square, we will see the statue of the Count Jelačić, many bars, 19-century architecture, and like on every big square, there is a fountain - here we will find Manduševac Fountain. From the main square, we head west and enter the famous Ilica street. At number 1, we will climb to Zagreb 360 observation deck and see how the city looks like from a bird's eye perspective.

Photo © credits: iStock/Jelena990

The second station: Ilica Street

Ilica Street is one of the longest streets in Zagreb, a symbol of the city hustle and bustle. It is impossible to stroll around Zagreb without passing Ilica. Walking along Ilica can last for hours, but for this short walk we will turn to Tomićeva Street and take a funicular. If you continue anyway, the Museum of Illusions is a great place for fun being one of the unique museums in Zagreb.

Photo © credits: iStock/ELENAPHOTOS

The third station: Zagreb funicular

Take the shortest funicular that one city has, and in 30 seconds you are already in the Upper Town. The view of the Lower Town is very nice, but what is waiting for you in the Upper Town is even more interesting. After leaving the funicular, the Museum of broken relationships is in front of you - a place where you will ask yourself about love and relationships. After riding a funicular and visiting a museum, it's time to take a coffee. Let's go to Tkalčićeva Street.

Photo © credits: iStock/Manninx

The fourth station: Tkalčićeva Street

A street famous for its nightlife, during the day offers a large number of cafes where you can make a break and have a cup of coffee. Actually, it is the favorite place for coffee breaks for many locals. From Tkalčićeva, the vibrant street, we will go back to the center of events - Ban Jelačić Square. On the road to the most important city square, we will stop by the Dolac Market.

Photo © credits: iStock/BethWolff43

The fifth station: Dolac Market

At the very end of Tkalčićeva Street, and right behind Ban Jelačić Square, there's the most famous market in Zagreb - Dolac Market. Sounds, smells, tastes from all over the country are beneath the red sun umbrellas of this famous market. Hardworking people from nearby villages bring fresh products from their gardens to residents of the city.

Photo © credits: iStock/paulprescott72

The end of the tour

In the end, after the Dolac Market, we will meet again at the statue of Ban Jelačić. There you can catch the tram no. 17, and go to Lake Jarun or take another adventure. Of course, this Zagreb tour through five stations is just one of the possible options. Enjoy yourself and - let's meet at the square!

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