A Day in Liverpool

Idil Birben | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The United Kingdom has many spots to discover, each unique to itself and a great experience on their own. Liverpool, the hometown of Beatles and many other groups from Merseybeat era, is sure one of these spots, even though it does not always receives the attention it deserves from the tourists. This industrial North West city, located in the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary welcomes everyone from music enthusiasts, football fans, history lovers and youngsters who are looking for a good night out.

So what do we do when we go to Liverpool, this is the many question everyone asks. Well my answer would be to this, WHAT CAN'T YOU DO! Liverpool is a vibrant city both for tourists and locals and it offers many fun activities to enjoy both during the day and at night. I will be talking about my perception of this city and maybe I can inspire you to come and see it!

I must be honest, I have a different view of Liverpool than many other people, I find this city beautiful. Many people believe that industrial cities in England are dark and not so happy but I feel like just a morning walk around the Albert Dock in Liverpool can brighten up your day. If you are a first timer here make sure to take a look at the historical sites and take a walk around the city, as many of the buildings in the city centre have been granted the status of World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

There are many museums to enjoy in the city as well as the art galleries but of course the most interesting one for the visitors would be the Beatles Story, I mean who doesn't love Beatles and who would not want to get to know them a little bit more. Many attractions are located near the Albert Dock which is also an attraction itself. You can either relax by it or take a boat tour and see around it. After your tour of museums you can always wonder around more and discover some fine dining spots in the city or you can go to your hotel room and get ready for a night out. I must say, people of Liverpool love their night outs and they make sure to look their best, unlike the classic a jean and a nice top look of London:) And you will realise during your trip here that the locals are really friendly and even if you are taking a trip alone, you will end up making some friends!

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