A culinary trip through Apulia

Sandra Marx | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The heel of Italy’s boot, Apulia, is a must-visit region for every "foodie"! Italy is world-famous for its delicious cuisine and food inventions. The southern-Italian region is particularly popular for the “cucina povera” (poor kitchen), using local, seasonal ingredients, which are then turned into simple, but incredibly tasteful dishes. 

The region is quite big and perfect for a "culinary road trip" since each zone is known for a different specialty. Regardless of where you will stay in Apulia, your taste buds won’t be disappointed; of course, there are a few delicacies which you can’t miss out!

Picture © Credits to iStock/Paolo Paradiso

Andria - burrata

The town is a popular tourist destination because of the famous Castel del Monte. Andria is not just a historically interesting place but also happens to be the birthplace of “burrata”. A burrata is a mozzarella-like cheese filled with liquid cream and mozzarella strings. In the last few years, it started becoming available also internationally, however, its freshness and taste in the original burrata-town can't be beaten! 

Bari - focaccia barese

As soon as you arrive in Bari, the biggest city of Apulia, you have to try the focaccia barese – a typical take-away snack. It is similar to a fluffy pizza dough with baked olives and tomatoes and a crispy base.  Focaccia barese is a widely appreciated finger food not just in Bari, but throughout the entire region. Yet one of the best focaccia can be found in the small bakery “Santa Rita” in Bari’s old town.

Corato - olive oil

The small town has a beautiful historical center but is mainly off the tourist radar. “The city of olives”, as Corato is called, has the best freshly pressed olive oil and olives of the region. Olive oil lovers should check-in an extra suitcase in advance, in order to take the delicious, healthy and organic oil with them, as a tasty and typical souvenir. 

Picture © Credits to iStock/dulezidar

Lecce - rustico & pasticciotto

The city of baroque and golden sandstone in the Salento peninsula has a few typically local highlights. One of them is the rustico, a puff pastry disc filled with tomato, mozzarella and bechamel sauce – heavy but delicious. The sweet local specality is pasticciotto leccese, a sweet pastry filled with cream. For the full culinary lecce experience, order a caffé leccese - a black espresso sweetened with almond syrup and ice cubes- along with the pasticciotto. The historical Caffé Alvino is one of the most authentic places to enjoy these treats. 

Picture © Credits to iStock/Karisssa

Wherever you go in the southern-Italian region, the cuisine throughout Apulia with its local, fresh, simple and traditional dishes,  will never disappoint.

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