An Apulian 3-day trip; starting point, Bari

Sandra Marx | Live the World

August 29, 2022

Apulia is the perfect destination for an extended weekend trip. The beautiful region lets you immediately dive deep into the “La dolce vita” feeling upon arrival. Delicious, authentic cuisine, sunny weather, charming towns and stunning nature – the perfect mix for an ideal getaway. 

Since the region of Apulia has two different airports, there will be two different stories and perspectives. One will be dedicated to a perfect 3-day-trip itinerary starting in Bari, and one to the southern Salento peninsula in Brindisi. 

Day 1: Bari-Trani

Bari, with over 320.000 inhabitants, is the biggest city in Apulia and has the best infrastructures. It has a large harbor and an international airport and of course, it is quite easy to reach. Also, you have the most options for car rentals while in here, which is highly recommended if you want to make the most out of your stay. As soon as you arrive in Bari you should take one day to explore the beautiful metropolis at the beach. The city has many interesting historical buildings, a charming old town, beautiful sea promenade, and many shopping and restaurant options.

In the evening you can drive up to Trani, which is mistakenly often left out from tourists. The charming town has a wonderful sea promenade along the harbor, probably one oft the most picturesque cathedrals at the sea and a vivid atmosphere. Since the town is quite small, hotels and B&B’s are cheaper than in Bari and you will have a spectacular, authentic place to let your first evening come to an end. 

Day 2:  Polignano a Mare – Monopoli

Enjoy a delicious, typical breakfast with a view along the port of Trani and start your exploration tour heading south. Polignano a Mare should be your first stop – it is a one-hour drive from Trani along the Adriatic coast. Polignano is probably one of the most touristic towns in Puglia, it gained international fame and popularity because of the Red Bull Cliff Diving, the popular cave restaurant Grotta Palazesse and the famous white cliff houses. 

Just a short 15-minute drive the next marvelous town awaits; Monopoli. It is super close to Polignano but not nearly as famous. Monopoli has a beautiful, typical Italian old town, with a vivid city center and many historical buildings. The dreamy sea promenade and old its port make it perfect for a relaxing afternoon stroll, dinner, and cocktails with sea view. There are many nice accommodations located in the heart of the center but if you prefer a more private country retreat, don’t miss out on spending a night in one of the many Masserie in this area. 

Picture © Credits to iStock/e55evu

Day 3: Ostuni – Locorotondo – Alberbello

On the last day, you should start exploring the beautiful Itria Valley. The first stop is Ostuni, which is also called “the white city”. Already upon arrival, it does justice to its name – getting closer you can see white limestone houses, which rise on the hills. The old town of Ostuni is definitely a place where you should get lost in. Every corner and street is charming, authentic and just typical Italian. 

After exploring Ostuni, the next stop should be Locorotondo. The histrocial center of this town Is probably one of the most photographed in all Apulia, and many consider it as one of the most charming streets in the entire region. The inhabitants of Locorotondo take very good care of their houses and the white narrow streets are full of flowers and handcrafted art.  

Picture © Credits to iStock/e55evu

The last stop has to be Alberbello. The trulli town became one of the flagships of the Apulian region and is a must-see. The unique houses are so interesting and fun to visit. Spending the last night in a "B&B transformed Trullo house" is the perfect end to your trip! 😊

Title Picture © Credits to iStock/zm_photo

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