Off the beaten track: A local's guide to 5 hidden treats in Limburg

Lisaura Goossens | Live the World

July 4, 2022

Craving an adventure in nature or a charming small town to visit? Make sure to check out the Province of Limburg.

Are you trying to escape the cities of Belgium? Flanders' greenest and lesser-known province has many hidden gems yet to be discovered. Whether you need a little bit of magic or a relaxing stroll around an old town, Limburg has it all.

We've teamed-up with Belgian blogger Lisaura, the wonderful woman behind, to bring you a local guide to 5 little known activities in Limburg. Been inspired? Check out the activity pages to find all the info you'll need.

Lisaura / travel aimes

Go Back In Time and Explore Alden Biesen

This beautiful castle was founded back in the 13th century during the times of the crusades. Throughout history its role remained prominent, from the headquarters of a German order to a cultural heritage site owned by the Flemish Government. Whether you are a little girl wanting to feel like a princess, or a full grown adult looking for a day in nature, Alden Biesen is just what you need.

Although the castle itself might be a bit more known, many forget to visit the beautiful nature around the castle. So make sure to bring your hiking boots, because no trip to Alden Biesen is complete without a visit to the gardens and nature in the area

Lisaura / travel aimes

Float Between Heaven and Hell At Helsheaven Floating Chapel

Located in the midst of the Haspengouw region, is a little floating chapel. Many have heard about the (now famous) Reading Between the Lines Church in the area, but don’t overlook this hidden gem. Just a couple of kilometers away in the neighbouring town of Helsheaven (Helshoven) is this Floating Chapel with views for days over the Haspengouw region. The most beautiful time of year to visit is during the blossom season in April.

This Chapel was a project undertaken by Frits Jeuris in order to salvage some of the cherry trees which had to be cut down due to a virus. He wanted to create a visual representation of heaven and hell, referring to the town as well. Take your time to walk in the surrounding area or rent a scooter for the day and explore all the beautiful sights in the southern part of Limburg.

Lisaura / travel aimes

Historical City Center of Tongeren aka The Oldest Town In Belgium

Tongeren is the oldest city in Belgium, when walking around, you can really feel the history. There is a lot of character in this beautiful small town. Going back to before Christ, the Eburones under Ambiorix, the local tribe in the area, stood up against Julius Caesar. They are known as the first who defeated and outsmarted the Roman general.

If you want to see the remains of what this city was like, make sure to walk around the Roman Wall and the historic city centre on the Milestone Route. This route is a walking trail indicated by bronze rivets with the letter M. Cannot get enough of the history? Visit the Gallo-Roman Museum to learn more about the Roman empire and other historical times depending on the current exhibition.

Lisaura / travel aimes

Walk Around Voeren: La Commanderie (Castle) & Bron van de Voer

A region of Limburg that many forget about when visiting is the Voer region. Due to its location many forget it is part of Limburg. Once you head over you can find the charm that is found all over Limburg. Rolling hills, beautiful castles, rivers and more ready to be discovered. Back in 2012, the Bronnenwandeling (walk to the river mouth of the Voer) was voted the prettiest in Flanders by Vlaanderen Vakantieland, a popular local travel show.

Once at the Bron van de Voer, you get a bonus castle to discover. La Commanderie is a beautiful castle dating back to the 17th century. If you are not a big fan of long walks, you can also just park up right by the fish farm, enjoy a drink, buy some fresh fish and do the short loop around the castle and Bron van de Voer.

Lisaura / travel aimes

Viewpoint de Wijers, Zonhoven

The unique water landscape of de Wijers is where Haspengouw meets the Limburgse Kempen. It’s time for you to explore the 1001 ponds, or as the locals call them; Wijers. Spread over 7 municipalities this region does not disappoint. If you want to see what this area looks like from above, head on over to the panoramic viewpoint at the Watchtower in Zonhoven. This 15 meter high watchtower gives you breathtaking views of the landscape.

Make sure to keep your eyes open, because there is a lot of wildlife to be found in the Wijers. A fan of bird watching? This area is full of different species to spot. If you want to explore more of the Wijers make sure to check out some of the other highlights in the region such as Herkenrode Abbey, Bokrijk Provincial Domain and Kelchterhoef Lake.

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