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What’s just around the riverbend? Ponds aplenty! See nature-packed views from the top of this watchtower.

When you think of De Wijers, you think of ponds. This place has the most ponds (Wijers to the locals) in Belgium. Literally 1,000+ ponds are here. How can you see them all? Simply get to the top of the tower in the Bolderdal pond area for a viewpoint. The 15m high water tower is the best spot in de Wijers to see all the nature it has to offer. A must-see while you’re walking, hiking and cycling around de Wijers to snap up photos of this pond-tastic area.

If heights aren’t your thing, then no worries. You can still see nature from the ground. De Wijers has plenty of viewing huts around. Pop in while taking a walk around the nature reserve and observe. Bird watchers have lots of different species to spot at de Wijers.

Walking De Wijers

  • The main loop around the lake is 5.2km and will take you around 1 hour and 20 mins. It’s an educational walk with all the info you need along the way on panels to teach you about nature and fish farming. It’s more interesting than it sounds, especially for nature lovers. But there’s shorter and longer walks too, from 3 to 10km. Take your pick!
  • Is cycling more your thing? Peddle above the pond water in De Wijers on a unique 200m biking path.
  • quatationmark

    The 15 meter high watchtower gives you breath-taking views of the 1001 ponds

    — Travel blogger at Travelaimes

Updated on 11 January 2022

Tips and Tricks

  • Check out the hiking maps to plan your route. You can also buy a map of the walking routes from UiTpunt (called ‘Platwijers-Wijvenheide’).
  • Drop by the watchtower along your hike.
  • Stroller and wheelchair friendly!

Getting there

  • By Car: parking available on Camping Heidestrand, Zwanenstraat 105, Zonhoven. Disabled parking available on Bolderdal
  • By Bus: close to bus stop Bolderberg Abelenstraat. Bus 34 stops here
  • By Bike: between biking nodes 94 and 95
  • By Train: 25 min walk from Zonhoven train station. Train IC stops here

Route details

Starting point: varies. See maps for further details

  • GPX files and maps available here.



All seasons




Open; national COVID rules apply

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