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Meet Brno

Why visit Brno?

Welcome to the second biggest city in the Czech Republic. While it may not be able to compete with Prague in size it still packs an absolute punch and gives visitors plenty to see and do.

Brno is the capital of South Moravia and is known as quite the student city in the Czech Republic with many young students moving there to study. So you can definitely feel the young vibe in Brno with all the yummy pastry shops and quirky coffee shops.

One of the best parts of roaming the cobblestone streets, bustling squares, and parks is that none of these places will be overrun by tourists. You’ll have time to explore all these beautiful places without the hassle of tourists constantly surrounding you although you might encounter a bunch of cool expats!

South Bohemia is famous for its wine and fresh fruit and you will definitely be able to find all that at the fresh fruit and veg markets downtown. Apples, strawberries, wine, and all of that goodness.

Enjoy the beautiful parks that fill the city and the historic castle with a gorgeous view overlooking the city. Castles are quite common in the Czech Republic. But every city has their own special one and Brno is no different. The castle is worth exploring by day and taking in all the beautiful views.

For a city of 400.000, Brno still gives you a lot to do. Once you’ve explored the city by day find one of the local pubs downtown and go mingle with some locals over some South Moravian wine or famous Czech beer.

When to go

Brno is a relatively busy city because of the University and the amount of students that live in the city. So there are always events and activities going on there. You definitely won’t run out of things to do.

It is nice to visit during the warmer months though so that you can see the city in full swing and enjoy being outside and exploring all the beautiful places around the city.

Since Brno is located in South Bohemia the weather is a little warmer than in other parts of the Czech Republic so you might get lucky and have gorgeous weather in March or October along with the rest of the summer.

Pro tip: Follow @brnodaily and @brnomycity on Instagram for up-to-date events and special activities during your trip to Brno.

Tourist season: Jul - Aug
Best weather: Mar - Sep
Dates for your calender
Jan - Go and Region Tour is a program for tourism around the Czech Republic
Feb - Jazz Fest Brno
May - Majáles celebrating colour, energy, and music. Museum Night in Brno
Jun - Brno Revival. A race with unique old school and vintage cars
Jul - Brno Ghetto Fest! The most colorful celebration of the year
Aug - Day of Brno! Celebrating the city of Brno. The Czech Republic Grand Prix
Oct - Brnenska 16 - One of the most traditional and international film festivals in Czech
Nov - Mezipatra - Queer film festival
Dec - Christmas market


Getting There

By Car

If you’re coming to Brno by car we recommend using this website here to find parking to see the prices. The best areas to park are in zone C where the cost is less than 1€ per hour.

The city isn’t that big so even parking in zone C you can get to the city centre relatively quickly. Zone C is also free all weekend from Friday until Monday morning.

By Train

Brno has 3 train stations, the main one being Brno Dolni Nadrazi. From Brno you can get direct trains to Bratislava in Slovakia, Vienna in Austria. You can also go to the capital, Prague as well as to other areas of South Moravia.

The station is a fair size and located quite close to the city center. Since Brno is located close to a few different capital cities it’s easy to get direct trains to other countries.

By Plane

Brno-Turany International Airport. It’s not a big international airport but it does fly to other European countries. From the airport it’s a 14 minute bus ride to the city. Take bus E76 which will drop you off at the central train station in Brno.

Good to know: When going to Brno you can also look at flying into Bratislava or even Vienna. Flights to either of those two international airports might be cheaper. If you’re already in Prague it’s best to go by train.

Getting Around

Getting around on foot and by public transport are your best options to get around Brno. The city itself isn’t that big and most places are walkable but if you’re coming from the outskirts of town it’s best to take a bus or tram into the city and save the walking for the streets in the city center.

By Public Transport

Tickets are sold through yellow vending machines at some stops, DPMB shops, kiosks and railway stations The majority of the machines take both cash and card.

When riding the bus you can buy tickets from the driver with cash. Public transport within the city costs 25 CZK for 60 minutes and 27 CZK for 90 minutes.

Another option is to use the SEJF mobile app (available for iOS and Android devices) with any phone number.

By Car

You can look here for parking spots. Once you’re in the city though there is no need to drive around much. Brno has great public transport and walking paths.

By Bike

Brno is similar to Prague as it’s not really known as a biking city. With its cobblestone streets and busy traffic Brno isn’t the best place to bike in. The countryside and areas around Brno are a different story but right in the heart of the city you’re better off on foot.

On Foot

If you’re looking to walk around Brno from place to place then it’s definitely doable. We actually recommend walking around the city and exploring places you’ll only find on foot. Especially if you’re staying somewhere quite central you can walk everywhere.

By Taxi/Car Sharing: There really isn’t a need to take taxis in Brno. Busses go to the airport. There are trains that go almost everywhere out of the city, and inside Brno you can walk pretty much anywhere.

In case you’re late for something or in a rush and need to get somewhere quick then we recommend just grabbing an Uber. This way you’ll know exactly how much you’re going to pay beforehand and you know you’re with a legit driver.


Languages: Czech
Emergency numbers: Police (urgent): 158 Fire, ambulance, police: 112

Brnopas: Gives you access and discounts to most of the main attractions in Brno. It’s the best way to save some money if you’re planning on seeing most of the sights and doing a bunch of activities. You can see the prices and even buy it online here.

Tourist Office

Brno Tourist Information Centre - Panenska Street


Address: Panenska Street 1, 602 00, Brno, Czech Republic

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +420 602 404 246

Opening hours: open everyday, 9:00 to 13:30 and 14:00 to 18:00

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