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Hi, I am Oksana from Irkutsk, Siberia. This city is located near Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world. I am a linguist and passionate traveler. After graduating from the Linguistic University, I started working as a translator and tourist guide in my region. More than ten years of experience of showing people Lake Baikal made me realized that I could show much more. I love discovering new places situated off the beaten path or the ones which are right there but somehow neglected by travelers. Being born in the deep Siberian forest, also known as taiga, I always thought that I would be happier if living in a warmer place. Having traveled the world afterwards, I realized that I love my Siberia, and I am excited to share its unique culture and traditions with you. If you ever imagined a ride on a dog sled or a dive in the Baikal water in a cold winter day, you came to the right person. I tried it all, and I am ready to tell you about it. Follow my stories about the local way of living in one of the coldest regions of Russia, where people eat frozen raw fish and rub alcoholic spirits on their skin to warm their bodies up.

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