Siberian and tropical flora in Irkutsk Botanical Garden

Oksana Vasilieva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you feel tired of walking the commonly beaten paths of touristic destinations in Siberia, I suggest you spend a peaceful day in a natural sanctuary of Irkutsk Botanical Garden. It is not an ordinary botanical garden found in most cities around the globe; to attract more visitors, it organizes various cultural and natural events. Situated a bit aside from the city center of Irkutsk, this botanical garden gives you a chance to see how Siberian plants grow and how the local animals live as it also has a small zoo. If you search for a quiet yet captivating experience in your endeavors around Irkutsk, definitely take a glimpse at the beautiful Siberian and tropical flora in Irkutsk Botanical Garden!

©Istock/Sergey VButorin

History of Irkutsk Botanical Garden

Irkutsk Botanical Garden officially belongs to Irkutsk State University. It was opened on the 8th of October, 1940. The then government decided to allocate a piece of land to Irkutsk State University. Pavel Malinovsky became the head of the Botanical Garden and according to him:

Irkutsk Botanical Garden always has been playing a principal role in the life of Irkutsk citizens; for instance, during World War II, it served as a food base. 

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The mission of the Botanical Garden

Irkutsk Botanical Garden is not your usual place where you come to contemplate the plants of Siberia (although you can do that too). Its principal mission is to conserve and enrich Baikal flora, keeping it safe for future generations. The employees of the garden collect plants, preserve them, and carefully multiply in the controlled setting. Additionally, the botanical garden also offers different gardening classes for the locals. Every spring, the garden sells seedlings to the people who have summer cottages and want to grow plants at their pieces of land. 

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But, what is more exciting, Irkutsk Botanical Garden started recently to organize tours for everyone who wants to see Siberian flora, and you can join those rounds too!

Irkutsk Botanical Garden amazing autumn tours

It’s not a surprise that Siberian nature is beautiful in every season, but especially in autumn. Imagine very bright colors of the tree leaves, a stunning mixture of brown, yellow, red, and green! You can walk the paths of Irkutsk Botanical Garden and see all this nature's beauty, but if you join a guided tour, you will see much more. Fancy to see tropical flowers and plants in Siberia? You can see them in the greenhouses! You will find out how bamboo grows, whether one can eat cactuses, and how all these exotic plants (like orchards) survive in Siberia. An audio-guide can accompany all tours. The official guides of the garden have plenty of information to share. One of the fascinating pieces of the program is the tour dedicated to learning how people use plants for their own purposes. You will find out which plant was used to make jeans fabric, which plants can be used for food and drinks, and even how to make natural aspirin and other medication. 

Irkutsk Botanical Garden is the perfect chance for you to have a glimpse at the beautiful Siberian and tropical flora and learn something new!

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