Your secret greek island; Ios, the party island

Chrisa Lepida | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Being Greek, I’ve many times found myself in conversations where I’ve been constantly asked by international people to provide them with info about the “hidden” and not touristic islands that are worth-visiting while in Greece. The options of where to go in Greece are seemingly endless, and they all look great. Whatever you’re after, a holiday in Greece has something for everyone, it’s just a question of knowing where to look!

To get to the point and save you some time from crawling into the web for info, I’ve decided to start this series of pages, "your secret greek island" during which I’ll be presenting you each week an awesome greek island, out of the beaten track! I’ll do my best to provide you with the most local suggestions about each one of them; promise! Whether you’re looking for a romantic holiday with your significant other and your family, or a party vacation with your group of friends, stay tuned, cause I’m pretty sure that in this series you’ll find what you’re seeking for!

Ios, the party island!

Ios, is one of the most popular islands in Greece and it belongs to the Cycladic islands. In fact, it is particularly famous for its wonderful beaches (like every other greek island), for its picturesque small streets and of course for its intense nightlife that attracts mostly young crowds. The beach parties start in the morning and they normally last till the early hours, making the island a popular place for teenagers and youth!

Ios, along with Mykonos, are probably the most popular islands in the Cyclades, attracting thousands of tourists every year, willing to experience the immense nightlife scene of the greek islands! If you are a party lover, you should add Ios to your agenda and I assure you that you will definitely appreciate the island’s nightlife scene!

Mylopotas beach

From its pristine clear waters and beautiful beaches to its pretty, traditional village of Chora, there is something for everyone on this lovely island! Mylopotas Beach is one of the most popular and largest beaches on the island. It’s said to be the most visited beach in Ios and it is located close to the main village, Chora. This is a long white beach with sunbeds for rent but also with some large and unexploited areas to lay your towel on for free. The beach is ideal for water sports, while bars and restaurants can be found all around the area. At the end of it, you can find the famous Far Out camping facilities, famous in the island for their unique nightlife setting!

Your alternative beach

About an hour away from the city center (Chora), discover your private paradise at Manganari Beach. To get there, since it's not within a walking distance from the center, you'll need a car or you can simply take the city bus. Explore the outskirts of Ios as you make your way to this quiet, idyllic beach. Manganari is said to be one of the most picturesque beaches of Ios, and specifically it's located 23km south of Chora. The beach itself has golden sand and crystal waters. Due to its remote location, the beach remains undisturbed from the noisy crowds, the most part of the day while it provides a fantastic opportunity to explore its natural surrounding.

Far Out camping and beach club

“Far Out Camping and Bungalows” is set right on Mylopotas Beach and offers everything for a fun, budget friendly and adventurous holiday. Far Out Camping is in fact a lively tourist community offering every facility that you may need for your stay, from travel information and tickets, mini market and laundry service. When it comes to accommodation they offer from cosy cabins to windmill shaped bungalows, or even ready made tents sheltered with bamboo roofs! If you feel like bringing your own camping material, then surely go ahead and feel free to pitch up your own tent, under the shade of the eucalyptus trees spread in the area! For those looking to party on holiday, Far Out Camping and Bungalows is definitely for you.

At the same time, the beach club has everything to keep you entertained throughout your stay. There’s always a party going on with fun and crazy competitions, birthday and National Day celebrations, or just dancing whilst the sun goes down! Remember, every day is party day at Far Out!

Here’s a short aftermovie to give you an idea!

Stay tuned, more island suggestions are about to be revealed soon! Cheers!

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