Your First Stop in Faroe Islands

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The Faroe Islands is a self-governing territory, although it belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark. This unique archipelago has a population of just under 50,000 people, and is composed of 18 smaller islands. How cool! Faroe Islands lie north of Scotland, between Iceland and Norway.

The archipelago is known for its nature, rocky cliffs, sea life and mountain peaks. The capital of Faroe Islands is Torshavn. By the way, the main spoken languages are Danish but also Faroese. If you look at the map, you will realise that Faroe Islands are located almost in the middle of nowhere, however, they are easily reachable by plane, or by boat- from Iceland and no[rthern Denmark]( Once you arrive on Faroe Islands, it would be wise to rent a car, as this is the easiest way to travel around. 

Picture © Credits to istock/Balipadma

Capital Town- Torshavn

First, let’s check out the capital, which is called Torshavn (located on the Streymoy island); this is where almost half of the Faroese population lives. Don’t forget that this is a rather small capital town compared to other countries. So instead of seeing skyscrapers and big avenues you will be welcomed to a quieter down to earth town, with a serene harbor, and picturesque wooden houses.

Old Town & Tinganes

After roaming around the small streets of the Torshavn, it’s time to explore the old town. Head further down towards the harbour, where you will come across Tinganes. You cannot miss this beautiful ‘sight’ of vibrant red wooden houses attached to one another. Tinganes is probably one of the world’s oldest parliaments, which dates back to 825 AD. Once upon a time, this used to be the assembly point of the Vikings, a place where their meetings and gatherings would take place.    

While the official parliament is now located in the northern part of the town, this stunning construction still hosts numerous government officials and employees. I’m sure no person would refuse to have such a picturesque office in such an awesome location! Make sure to walk around the premises and enjoy your self-guided tour, as you will come across many boards and explanations related to Tinganes’ history. 

Picture © Credits to istock/James_Gabbert

Mikkeller Torshavn Beer Brewery 

I’m sure your eyes need a little break from all this sightseeing and Faroe’s unique beauty. Head over to Mikkeller Torshavn beer place, located by the harbor, which actually belongs to a Danish beer brewery called Mikkeller. The bar is located in a 500-year-old wooden house, yes 500 years! You can choose from around 16 different beers on tap and other beers from around the globe. In case you plan to visit Mikkeller Torshavn on a Thursday evening, that is no doubt a good choice. The bar hosts a pub quiz every Thursday evening. 

Skal- or as commonly known, cheers! 

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