Yenokavan & Lastiver: Ecotourism & Extreme tourism

Lusine Vardanyan | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Far away from the capital Yerevan (some 137 km), on the top of a high mountain proudly stands the village Yenokavan from where you can hike to Lastiver. Pure nature and fresh air welcome ecotourism lovers. Extreme tourism here is also developed, so you’ll enjoy your stay to the fullest.

©Armine Muradyan

credits to Armine Muradyan

Yell Extreme Park

Yell Extreme Park, located in Yenokavan village, gives an opportunity to do extreme sports even if you are a beginner: paragliding, horseback riding, mountain biking, rope park, paintball, zorbing, rock climbing and etc. You can experience zip-lines that are available in different lengths and heights. Just pick the one that is the most convenient for you and soar over the forests.

©Yell Extreme Park

Apaga resort

What could be better than staying in the middle of a forest while having all the necessary facilities offered by Apaga resort. Meals served at the rustic style houses of the resort, where travellers usually stay, are made of local Eco products (fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meet) mainly supplied by the local population- from their gardens right on your table.

©Apaga Resort

Hiking to Lastiver

Waking up in Yenokavan with the first sunshine and making your way to the place called Lastiver will be an experience to be stamped in your memory for a lifetime. I went there on a rainy day. Because I made all that way from Yerevan to Yenokavan regardless of the rain, I decided to hike. The only thing I could see though was a dense fog and my boots in a mud. This was a mysterious beginning with a feeling of being in the middle of nowhere. In five minutes the fog disappeared and, oh my God, nothing could touch my heart as deeply as the beauty of Mother Nature, with all its colors laying right in front of me. The refreshed forest, after the rain shower, was smiling to me with all the possible shades of green. My narrow pathway was surrounded by deep gorges and huge rocks, and there were only two things destroying the silence- singing birds and echo of the river Khachaghbyur that was rushing down from the mountains to the gorge.

©Hayk Melkonyan

credits to Hayk Melkonyan

First you get to Lastiver caves. Those had served as a shelter for locals during Mongol invasions in 13-14 centuries.


3.5 km (total 7km including the way back) of hiking and you get to the waterfall that is at lowest point of the gorge. After the tiring walk, you can dive into the water and relax for a bit. You can spend the whole day there: to have a barbeque; play cards; do yoga or just to sleep under an open sky. If you wish to stay overnight, you can rent one of the tree houses right by the waterfall or just take your own tent and camp somewhere around.

credits to Sahak Muradyan

Does this look good to those who are looking for a combination of an ecotourism and an extreme tourism? If so, arrange your next trip to Yenokavan.

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