World's Biggest: The Sculpture park Vigelandsparken in Oslo

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Are you ready for strange faces, weird concepts, meshed ideas, and all done by one brilliant mind? Then you are ready for Vigelandsparken in Oslo. A bigger sculpture park won't be found wherever you search. Gustav Vigeland made this park and it's the most essential project of his career. The park is regarded as his life work. He regarded career and life as inseparable and would call it the work of his existence. Bronze, silver, and granite are the main materials used to make over 200 sculptures. He wasn't just interested in making the shapes of the sculptures, he was also ensuring that the architectural design and placement of things were on the spot that he had planned in his head.

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© Photo: VisitOSLO

The park is of the most popular things to see in Norway along with the The King's castle.

For clarification, the Vigeland park is located inside Frogneparken. These two are easily confused.

The most memorable sculpture

© Photo: SteenJepsen

Of the most memorable sculptures is ''Sinnataggen''. It translates to English as something like ''The boiling lad'' or ''The raging boy''. It's what I am called when I eat too much chocolate.

The architectural plan

© Photo: Blondinrikard Fröberg

The park is open and the main spot with the most sculptures is an 850-meter line with a pattern that looks like an architectural logo or a special robot character. You'll see a very linear park with a very pleasant pattern to look at from above and also from the ground. The park is really inviting for photographers to perform creatively with them. You can see that from the photographs.

© Photo: Schomsi

Skateboarders are here

This park is known for having skateboarders cruising around down the stairs and on the granite objects and using the architecture in a new fashion. Sometimes there can be skateboard events and contests here because it's an open space and the probability to get kicked out is minor. Recognizable events from this park were Bernhard Invitational and Emerica visiting Norway.

They have a museum

© Photo: WolfBlur

There are two goals that the museum is aiming at. One goal is dedicated to thoroughly present Gustav Vigeland's artistic career and work in a proper manner. The other goal is to create a lot of excitement for the viewer by showing off the strongest three-dimensional artistic expressions of the times. They even have artistic videos and tons of sculptures of every genre in the museum.

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