Work friendly cafe in Brussels: Workshop Cafe

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you are one of those tourists who, wherever you go and explore new spots, aims to explore the trendy coffee places, then you are reading the right article. Moreover, if you are the kind of person, maybe a freelancer, who wants to find peace and a quiet environment suitable for working and away from home, then you hit the jackpot. Even if you are simply one of those people who want to enjoy a good read over a great cup of coffee, keep scrolling, as I think you will like what I am about to present to you

Photo credit @Probuxtor

I believe my quest for the perfect work friendly café began at the same time as my university days. Especially upon moving to Belgium for master studies, I found it very hard to focus at the university learning spaces. Crowd of panicking, semi-depressed fellow students did not do it for me, no matter how hard I tried. The moment I saw several ladies taking out the full equipment to prepare their crepes and eat them there on the spot, I thought it was the perfect moment for my friends and to look for a new space to prepare for our tiring exams. So we did...

Photo credit @Peshkova

Naturally, when walking it is sometimes hard to focus on what you are looking for. However, one special gem in the Ixelles area of Brussels called Workshop Café really grabbed my attention. I do remember that my first thought was that this café is not so hidden, yet I have never noticed it before. You will recognize the adorable Workshop Café by the lovely red and white facade and always new decorations.

The moment we walked in I realized that this is the place I want to prepare all of my exams. Beautiful, warm interior and cosy chairs seem to be really calling out to all of us students. At first, I was surprised by the great variety of coffee and hot drinks offered, because let’s face it, you cannot really work nor study without a caffeine kick (or two)! But not only that, the Workshop Café lovely staff have ready made, mostly sweet pastries, which you will simply not be able to resist. Just pair it with a hot beverage of your choice and call it a cheat day!

Photo credit @Peshkova

Once you locate your perfect spot and start working, you will be amazed as to how productive you will be. Of course, very fast wi-fi does make the whole situation a lot easier. What I liked about Workshop Café is that it is predominantly quiet, with rare outbursts of a random child crying. Have no worries! Whoever comes to this café completely gets its vibe, so the distractions will not last too long. However, it is still a place when you can have a moderately loud chat and a break with friends.

Overall, I warmly suggest you to go and be productive in Workshop Café and of course, to stay tuned, as I will be revealing more work friendly cafes in Brussels to you.

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