Where to Shop in London

Whether you are looking for the highest-end luxury fashion, or the most fun charity shopping runs, London can provide everything and more. I wanted to include a bit of information about my favourite places to go when I've just been paid, those places that are fantastic for everyday, and then somewhere to visit when the euros/pounds need to be taken care of!

Luxury everywhere - Bond Street

Bond Street is one of the most famous shopping streets in London, as it it the home of designer brands. On a monopoly board Bond Street is the most expensive of the shopping districts, and for good reason - walking this well worn area will reveal every possible luxury fashion brand, and equally expensive cafes and restaurants. The classic brands like D&G, Armani and Fendi are to be found here, as well as Tiffany and Co and some of the worlds most revered auction houses.

Middle of the road - Oxford Street

When many tourists think of London, the bright lights, hectic crowds and long long road of Oxford Street will come to mind. There are few places more 'London' than Oxford Street, and it really is one of the largest gatherings of busy locals, amazed tourists and shops in the UK. More than 300 shops line the almost two kilometre stretch of commercial heaven. There is every possible kind of 'normal' shop here, with the biggest high street brands all representing, and some great cafes and restaurants. You'll need them, because shopping here is more of an experience in crowd avoidance than retail therapy!

Low end - charity shopping

Because of the sheer scale and variety of people living in London, there are thousands of charity shops where people have left things they no longer want or need. Much of this is in absolutely perfect condition, and you can find some incredible bargains. if nothing else, wandering the charity shops of London is as much fun as it is useful. The best area to find these quirky little places is probably Brixton or the West End.

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