Where to go for the best views of Shibuya Crossing

Welcome to the pulsating heart of Tokyo, otherwise known as Shibuya Crossing, where the energy is palpable and the urban landscape comes alive. Get ready to immerse yourself in the exhilarating experience of Shibuya Crossing, an iconic intersection that epitomises the vibrant spirit of this bustling metropolis. As you step foot onto the streets surrounding Shibuya Station, prepare to be swept away by a symphony of lights, sounds, and an electrifying wave of humanity. One way to experience this frenetic flurry of neon lights, human rush and the legendary spot is by crossing the open intersection yourself. Another way is to soak up the view from up higher, looking down at the ant-like movements of people scrambling in Shibuya Crossing below. Curious? Follow me on Instagram and YouTube for more adventures! 

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Shibuya Crossing is not just a mere crossing; it's an immersive adventure that captivates all. As one of my favourite ways to experience Shibuya Crossing is from a higher vantage point, from my time living in Tokyo, I’ve rounded up where to go for the best views of Shibuya Crossing for your adventures. Tried and tested, witness the mesmerising symphony of lights, sounds, and the pulsating energy of Tokyo from these best views of Shibuya Crossing: 

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Find yourself perched at Starbucks Shibuya Tsutaya on the second floor, overlooking the crossing. Sip your favourite beverage while gazing upon the orchestrated chaos below, immersing yourself in the vibrant rhythm of Tokyo. When I first moved to Tokyo, I was able to go up to this second floor without paying for a drink and just able to enjoy the view whenever I wanted. Now, it seems that everyone caught on and you have to buy a drink to go up to the second floor. Still, the panoramic view from this renowned café offers a front-row seat to the captivating dance of pedestrians, capturing the essence of Shibuya Crossing in all its electrifying glory - worth every cent.

My favourite time of the day to go here? Anytime after sundown, that’s when the magic of all of the lights around Shibuya Crossing gets lit up, and rush hour is at its peak to see the madness of businessmen scrambling the crosswalk.

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This is an exhilarating observation deck located atop the Shibuya Scramble Square skyscraper, providing an unparalleled view of Shibuya Crossing and the sprawling Tokyo cityscape. Shibuya Sky, perched 230 meters above ground level, offers a breathtaking panorama that captures the essence of Tokyo's vibrant urban landscape.To reach Shibuya Sky, ascend to the 14th floor of the Shibuya Scramble Square, where you'll find the entrance to this extraordinary observation deck. As you step onto the deck, prepare to be dazzled by the expansive glass windows that surround you, offering a 360-degree view of Tokyo. However, the highlight of the experience lies in the dedicated viewing platform, aptly named the "Sky Stage."

The Sky Stage extends outward from the building, allowing visitors to step onto a transparent floor and feel as if they're floating above the city. From this unique vantage point, Shibuya Crossing unfolds beneath your feet, presenting a tapestry of bustling streets, colourful billboards, and the ceaseless flow of pedestrians. Take a moment to absorb the awe-inspiring sight and let the energy of Shibuya envelop you.

©Wikimedia/ Ogiyoshisan

Located in the heart of Shibuya, the Hikarie building offers an excellent vantage point to witness the captivating beauty of Shibuya Crossing. This modern skyscraper stands at 204 meters tall and boasts a sleek, contemporary design that blends seamlessly with the surrounding cityscape. To experience the awe-inspiring views of Shibuya Crossing, head to the observation deck on the 11th floor. Known as the "ShinQs," this observation area provides panoramic windows that offer unobstructed vistas of the bustling intersection and the energetic Shibuya district beyond. 

From this elevated perch, you can marvel at the organised chaos of Shibuya Crossing as thousands of people converge and disperse with impeccable precision. The crossing's intricate web of pedestrian paths, the sea of colourful billboards, and the ever-present hum of activity all come into view, creating an unforgettable visual feast.

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To catch a captivating view of Shibuya Crossing, you can make your way to the pedestrian bridge connected to Shibuya Station, leading directly to Shibuya Mark City. This bridge offers an elevated perspective that allows you to witness the electrifying energy of the crossing from above. I actually found this spot by accident during one of my commutes off the JR train. Here, as you ascend the stairs or step onto the escalators that lead you to the bridge, you'll be greeted by a bustling scene below. Look out across the expansive Shibuya Crossing, and you'll see a vibrant tapestry of people, vehicles, and neon lights converging in harmonious chaos.

From the bridge, you can observe the intricate dance of pedestrians as they traverse Shibuya Crossing, and marvel at the colorful billboards that adorn the surrounding buildings. Capture the dynamic atmosphere through your camera lens, or simply take a moment to soak in the energetic ambience.

©Wikimedia/ Aimaimyi

Another great sky-high view is from Mag’s Park at Magnet by Shibuya 109, just a walk across the Starbucks Shibuya Tsutaya, is this true hidden gem. Immerse yourself in the vibrant essence of Shibuya by ascending to a lofty perch that offers a panoramic view of the iconic Shibuya Crossing. Upon reaching the entrance, you'll be warmly greeted by a staff member who will guide you through the process of purchasing your entry ticket. The ticket can be conveniently obtained from a ticketing machine for ¥600 per person. Once you've secured your ticket, you'll be ready to ascend to the viewing platform situated on the eighth floor, right at the corner of the building.

From this elevated position, you can watch the bustling passersby and take in the grandeur of the entire intersection, which serves as a symbolic hub of Shibuya's energy. The location is simply fantastic, allowing you to indulge in events and savour delectable food and drinks in the delightful rooftop space. While the view may be through glass, it still provides an excellent vantage point for capturing the movements of Shibuya Crossing. From this elevated position, eight stories above the ground, you'll have an ideal perspective to create a stunning time-lapse video, showcasing the rhythmic pulses of the crossing as pedestrians traverse its paths.

When you’re in this area, you won't be able to miss the L'Occitane Cafe right in the heart of Shibuya Crossing. It also just happens to be a unique and stylish venue to enjoy a delightful cup of coffee or a delicious meal while relishing a picturesque view of Shibuya Crossing. Situated on the top floor of the Shibuya Scramble Square building, this charming cafe combines the elegance of the L'Occitane brand with a prime location for observing the bustling intersection.

Upon entering the L'Occitane Cafe, you'll be greeted by an inviting and serene atmosphere, adorned with natural elements and the signature touch of L'Occitane's Provençal aesthetic. Find a cosy spot by the window or on the outdoor terrace, and prepare to be enchanted by the panoramic vista that unfolds before you. As you sip your beverage or savour a delectable meal, the view from L'Occitane Cafe offers a captivating perspective of Shibuya Crossing. Marvel at the organised chaos as pedestrians navigate the crisscrossing pathways, and take in the lively atmosphere of one of Tokyo's most iconic locations. The cafe's elevated position provides an excellent vantage point to appreciate the interplay between the urban landscape, the vibrant city lights, and the energy that permeates Shibuya Crossing.

©Wikimedia/ Daryan Shamkhali

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