Where to get traditional food in Slovenia

Darja | Live the World

August 29, 2022

Okay, you are traveling in Slovenia, hiking the mountains, visiting the museums, taking cycling tours, discovering the underground world, and even eating the best pancakes in Ljubljana. But what about some proper traditional food? Let me introduce you to some guesthouses and restaurants that will take you into a completely different world. I bet, they serve some dishes you have never even heard of. Wanting to eat some good local food, you might want to try out some of the following suggestions.

Firbas is a holiday farm that has tradition written all over it. Located in the north-west of Slovenia, in the country side, surrounded by nature it has to offer many homegrown specialties and fresh products. Along with the local cuisine, you should try their assortment of local wines. They are also offering an accommodation – in addition to regular rooms they even offer more adventurous type of overnight stay in a hayloft.

In Stari tišler there is a wide range of snacks and daily meals you can choose from. The portions are big and the taste is delicious. You can choose between hot and cold appetizers, steaks, fish, pasta, salads and desserts, whereas their specialty are many types of stews they have to offer.

They are offering Slovenian food and drinks exclusively. Unfortunately, they are not offering lunch menu, but the snacks come in big portions. You should visit them if you are searching for a tasty and filling snack, or perhaps want to try delicious Slovenian wines. For those more interested in the long drinks, there’s something on the menu for you as well!

In restaurant Jožica they offer a great variety of food and all of it is delicious. They serve everything, from beef soup to many other traditional meals, including dumplings “štruklji” and even the pizza is great. Be sure to leave some space for a dessert – whichever you chose, you won’t regret it.

Visiting our coastal towns, you should make a stop at Taverna Polc in Koper, where they serve unbelievably good seafood as well as grilled meat and other traditional food. Portions are huge and while enjoying their specialties you can enjoy the view of the sea.

These were just some of the many guesthouses, where you can get a typical Slovenian Sunday lunch and be served with delicious traditional food in Slovenia. This kind of food can be quite different from what we’re used to eating every day. Let me know how you liked it, I would be happy if you share your experiences or even suggest some other restaurants you’ve liked and aren’t mentioned here.

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