Where to eat sushi in Brussels - Makisu restaurant

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Tired of eating monotonous sandwich lunches or frozen meals? Want to stick to a healthy nutrition yet not starve to death and enjoy the delicious food (contrary to all green nutrition)? Or are you simply a fan of the light, rice and fish-based cuisine that makes you feel good? Then you are reading the right article as today I am taking you to a place where you can try some of the best Japanese cuisine in Brussels. You want to hear the best part about it? The delicacies are extremely delicious, filling yet affordable! Scroll down to hear more about the amazing Makisu restaurant in Brussels.

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Almost four years ago, when I first arrived to live in Brussels as a student, I remember not having much of a choice when it came to eating out in the glorious Belgian capital. Being on a limited, student budget, my nutrition was limited to crackers and humus, with occasional cooking at home (when not too lazy) or some sandwiches at university caffe. That is why I vividly remember that sunny, spring day, when my friend and fellow itinari editor, Chrisa, suggested we have lunch out at a cool sushi place. To be frank, none of us expected much, we simply went there as we were around and it was a beautiful day. Plus, we knew it was cheap so even if we didn’t like it, “we can always go grab a kebab”, as Chrisa used to say.

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On the contrary, Makisu restaurant really pleased us way more than we expected. The beautiful, peaceful interior of the restaurant was quite soothing and relaxing. The principle in Makisu is that you order your food at the counter, and then find a spot. Afterwards, the waiter finds you and brings the order to your table. I must say that at that particular time, Chrisa and I were very lucky not to wait in the long line. Usually, it is way more crowded. But don’t let that discourage you! Once you try a bite of their sushi, all your troubles will go away.

Their portions consist of 8 sushi rolls, and one portion ranges from 5 to 8 euros. Pretty affordable, right! If you are not a fan of sushi, there are also those glorious donburi bowls, with rice and different combinations of meat and veggies. One of the greatest things about Makisu is that you can always create your own recipe, be it for the sushi or for donburi. Choices are tough as there are over 3 million possibilities to brighten up your taste buds with the most important question: “How do you roll?”And trust me, after so many years regularly coming there, I have created my standard sushi choice, with inevitable edamame to go with it.

Photo credit @iStock/Zs

In addition to all of this, Makisu allows you to pre-order, in case you prefer not to wait and enjoy Japanese delicacies in the warm atmosphere of your home. You can simply come to the counter and pick it up, the order will wait for you. I hope these are all good reasons for you to indulge on a budget and go to Makisu restaurant in Brussels. I know I regularly do, after that first time a few years ago. And let me tell you, Chrisa and I most certainly did not need a kebab after it. Not at all!

Photo credit @iStock/Viktoria N.

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