Where to eat italian in Belgrade - Pomodoro restaurant

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Pomodoro restaurant 

Finding a great, affordable, cosy restaurant with the most delicious, heavy and rich food is never a challenge in Belgrade. There is rarely a chance you can make a mistake, especially if you are a fan of meat, barbecue and the (slightly) greasy pastry. Combine it with traditional rakia, good atmosphere and friends and you have a magical recipe to happiness. Jer “malo mi za srecu treba/ I do not need a lot to be happy!” You may even wonder why among all these traditional, amazing delicacies, one would want to try something else. However, if you are an avid, loyal fan of the high quality, Italian cuisine (approved by the local Italian chefs), then I definitely have a place for you. When you find yourself in Belgrade, craving some gnocchi, pizza and pasta, then allow me to present you the wonderfully adorable Italian restaurant in Belgrade called Pomodoro.

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When I think about Pomodoro restaurant, it is the place that saw the biggest milestones in my life. Frankly, it was, and still is, the favorite spot to have lunch with my brother and it used to be one among many things I would think about and desire to be teleported back home. Pomodoro restaurant was the place where my family and I celebrated my high school graduation, the place where my brother gave me the most amazing advice before leaving to study abroad and the spot where I eagerly waited for him during his lunch breaks.  Every important moment, which after several years became the simple gathering of all family members, as it doesn’t happen that often, was celebrated in this restaurant. Pomodoro witnessed many wonderful memories, laughter and maybe a tear or two. You wonder why I love this place?

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Apart from the most welcoming staff, Pomodoro restaurant offers a very cosy, small table atmosphere of an Italian restaurant in the heart of Belgrade. Once you enter, smiling waiters will walk you to your comfy chairs and nice table, either in smoking or non-smoking area (great news for all of you smokers, now you can have a cigarette or two after your pizza dose for the day!). You will be amazed at the first glance of the menu to see such an amazing variety of choices at such affordable prices.

Contrary to many Italian restaurants, Pomodoro restaurant is cheap yet very delicious. So, let your taste buds have it, relax and enjoy. You should definitely not miss the appetizers. However, portions are quite large, so apart from coming here rather hungry, you might want to consider sharing. The best thing about this place? It is open until midnight, which is amazing for all of you who indulge in a decadent, late evening Italian dinner. Pomodoro restaurant almost always has a lot of places, except on Friday and the weekends, so you might want to consider calling in advance and booking a table, especially if you are coming with a party bigger than two.

Photo credit @ iStock/Srdjan M.

Pomodoro restaurant is by far the best choice to eat Italian in Belgrade. It is amazing for a romantic date, fun night with friends and the most memorable family celebrations. Hope all these are strong enough reasons for you to visit this great place. I know I am definitely looking forward to it, as always!

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