Where to drink wine in Brussels

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

It is wine o' clock

Years ago, when I was doing theatre, I participated in a play where one of my opening lines was ”There it is nine o’clock!” You have no idea how many times my tongue twisted and instead I said:”wine o’clock!”. It used to be so hilarious to my theatre colleagues, but after a while I was genuinely scared that I would indeed say that instead and make a humiliating mistake at the premiere of a play. Plus, we have a saying in Serbian:”Sta je babi drago…”, which basically implies that you always say what is on your mind and what is dear to you.

Photo credit @J.Jan

Definitely, without any doubt, one of those things is for sure wine. Be it red or white, it became a favourite, soothing beverage after a long, tiring working day, perfect get-together refreshment and delicious dessert (because you know, I've got a sweet tooth). If you are one of those people who happens to visit or live in Brussels, but you prefer wine over beer (you probably had many people rising their eyebrows on this one), then you are reading the right article. Scroll down to see what is the recommended place to be if you are a wine drinker.

If you are tired of drinking wine at home, and you would like to spice up your evening routine (no judgement there!), then get dressed, head yourself towards Ixelles area and go to l’ïlot Corse.

 l’ïlot Corse

As its name clearly suggests, this bar serves wines from the island of beauty.  What more can you ask! But not only that! Since snacking while drinking is one of the biggest charms in Brussels, this place offers a variety of food to go along with your favourite wine. At first, you will be overwhelmed by the choice of wine offered (and I cannot help you there, sorry). What I would suggest you is to always try something different and new. Trust me you will not regret it and most certainly won't make a mistake. The staff is incredibly nice and helpful, as they will be eager to present you the most famous products and guide you to pick the best wine for your taste.

Great news for all the cheese lovers over there – you can order the greatest so called charcuterie plates and try out the most amazing, traditional Corsican cheeses. The mere thought of it makes me hungry.

Photo credit @S.Throt

For those of you who have more of an appetite while drinking, have no worries! At l’ïlot Corse you can order a variety of salads, quiches and finally the most famous delicacy – Corsican cake. Your stomach will most certainly not be rumbling after this one. 

Finally, in a very simple and cozy atmosphere you can enjoy a wonderful glass of wine (or two) with your favourite company. Bonus for the smokers, as there is a covered terrace where you can fulfil your wine experience with a cigarette. Stay tuned for more spots to drink wine in Brussels.

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