Visit Raseborg: perfect mix of history and nature

Pauliina Flam | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Finland's southern coastline is full of authentic old towns, such as the charming Old Town of Porvoo or Kotka, famous for its gorgeous parks. Today, let us discover the one called Raseborg. Raseborg is a brand new name for this town established in 2009 when three districts were united. One of the old names for the specific part of Raseborg (still used a lot) is Tammisaari, which means "an oak island ''. It is not an island, but a peninsula with a perfect mix of history and nature. Let's find out all the great** things to see and do in Raseborg**. 

© Pauliina_Flam

Wander the Old Town streets

The old houses were already here in the 16th century, taking Tammisaari to the "top 7 list of old towns in Finland". The shops and cafes here have an authentic atmosphere. Strolling the narrow streets and watching the wooden houses with their flowery gardens in the summer and Christmas lights in winter is my favorite thing to do in town. The old church with its triangle tower is a symbol of the city. The church was damaged and rebuilt again, but it still contains many valuable possessions inside. 

© Pauliina_Flam

Enjoy organic products

If you are interested in local products, visit Raatihuoneentori, a square which becomes a market every Wednesday and Saturday. The region is known for its organic food and craft products by local artisans. This fact brings gourmets to Raseborg to stroll local bakeries,  distilleries, breweries, and farmhouses. A good place to enjoy some of these delicacies is the Cafe Gamla Stan.

© istock/Sveta_Zi

Raseborg for nature lovers

The forest is all around Raseborg, so many hiking trails are waiting for you! You will see traditional Finnish landscapes with rocky seashores. Also, since the town is a peninsula, you can enjoy many beaches right in the city. Visiting it in winter, you can find many skating rinks and a ski center Påminne, which is the highest in Southern Finland. 

See the haunted ruins and heartful paintings

If you are visiting by car, take your time discovering Raseborg Castle. It is around 20 km from the city center and is a haunting and beautiful historical place. The castle looks like a solid stone structure on the top of a* *hill, but inside there are just ruins. The area is beautiful, with a big grassy park, and those romantic swings between the old trees you have seen in movies. Not far from the castle is "the love path". This short beautiful walking trail invites you to walk by the colorful wooden houses and forest straight to the Snappertuna Homestead, the outdoor museum. Speaking of museums, another good one is situated in Tammisaari and is called EKTA. It is not big but a very valuable one and most famous for its collection of Helene Schjerfbeck, who lived and painted in Tammisaari for many years. 

© pixabay/Tarmo_Untinen

As you can see, Raseborg has a lot to offer. It is a haven for organic food appreciators, a blast for nature lovers at any time of the year, and a beautiful historical spot for its gorgeous Old Town and the Castle ruins. Spear a visit and discover the perfect mix of things to do in Raseborg!

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