Vejle- Denmark’s most fascinating architectural town

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Vejle is a Danish town in southeast Jutland; it is the town of some of the finest cuisine in the country, as well as of incredibly unique pieces of architecture. 

The food scene & entertainment 

Vejle’s food scene has become quite big in recent years. The town of Vejle has some of the most amazing wine bars, cocktails bars, gin bars, and whiskey bars. If you are a foodie, and would like to discover some of the most fantastic soul food, then check out Me|Mu, which has also been awarded a Michelin Star. Another place worth exploring is GAMA, which offers some of the most refined culinary dishes. With the combination of epic food and a variety of bars, you will not be disappointed with your evening and night out in Vejle

© GAMA/Bredal Kro

For the ones amongst you who would fancy a bit of shopping, check out the main shopping street, but also stop by at Vejle’s Midtpunkt. This is a popular square and street, where you can pause for a coffee while admiring the sky of open umbrellas above you. The colors of the umbrellas make the atmosphere very cozy and blissful. 

Vejle’s architecture & landmarks 

Compared to other Danish cities, Vejle has quite a few landmarks, which are rather unique in their construction and architectural design. Fjordenhus, designed by Olafur Eliasson (a Danish-Icelandic artist) lies by the Vejle waterfront; it arises from the water and reaches a peak of almost 30 meters. The building opened its doors to visitors in 2018. Olafur Eliasson’s artwork is also exhibited on the ground floor of the building, which by the way is actually under the sea level. 

© istock/ricochet64

While you are at the waterfront, stroll down the harbor and make sure also to visit a building called Bølgen (wave). This is a residential building, which is filled with apartments, shaped and designed like a wave. How awesome is that?! There is something special about Danish architecture and design, which is also world-famous. 

© istock/stigalenas

In the harbor area and close to the Bølgen building, you will come across another unique piece of architecture called the Floating Kayak Club. This piece of infrastructure was made to bring the locals together and create more of a community life. The Floating Kayak Club is a wooden construction that serves as a hangout place; it has a barbecue area, its own kitchen, and a tanning deck. You can walk around the entire kayak premises and also enjoy its rooftop access. As the name suggests, it is a kayak, which can be used to sail out into the fjord for those who wish. 

© istock/ricochet64

Speaking of landmarks and unique pieces of architecture, in Vejle you can find something called a Sun Wheel (Solhjul), which is a sculpture that measures 12 meters in height, and its construction was inspired by a 5,000-year-old ancient wheel, which was discovered in Give (Denmark). 


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