Vegafest: the biggest festival of veganism in Ljubljana

After you spend some time in Slovenia, you will soon find out that the gastronomy holds a special place in the hearts of Slovenian people. Probably the most representative dish, which has now almost turned into a symbol of Slovenia, is the traditional nut roll called Potica. In many restaurants all over the country, especially in the capital, you will get a chance to taste delicious home-made desserts and main courses most typical for our country. If you are living a vegan lifestyle, you certainly won’t be left out, as there are plenty of good vegan eating spots in Ljubljana available. Not only that, but this year for the seventh time, there is a festival called Vegafest, the biggest festival of veganism, taking place in Ljubljana. There you will get a chance to get to know various companies, restaurants and other organizations engaged in producing animal-friendly products and taste delicious plant-based dishes. 

Picture © Credits to: Facebook / Vegafest

Representing veganism 

Vegafest is organized by the Slovenian Vegan Society or Slovensko vegansko društvo, which is a non-profitable organization trying to provide assistance and support to vegans and those who want to become vegans, through education in the area of animal rights and their care. The festival takes place each year at the beginning of May (this year on the 4th of May) in the centre of Ljubljana on a square called Pogačarjev trg. Approximately 50 stands will be set up, with representations of various vegan products, dishes and useful information about veganism. Expert lectures, workshops, fun competitions and cooking classes regarding vegan lifestyle will also be organized within the festival. To make your visit even better, you will be accompanied by music from the stage, where different musicians will be performing throughout the day. If you are interested in the more detailed programme of the event, I would recommend visiting the website called, where you can discover all of the fun activities it has to offer. 

Picture © Credits to: Facebook / Vegafest

A rich programme for everyone 

The festival is suitable for visitors of all ages, where everyone will find something interesting or new to do, taste or see. Some of the workshops and other activities in which you can engage are a rich raffle, an exhibition called “What do vegans even eat?”, a photo corner and there is even a special place for the youngest visitors – a kid’s corner and a dog corner for the four-legged visitors. 

Picture © Credits to: Facebook / Vegafest

The number of people choosing a vegan lifestyle is growing rapidly all over the world, including Slovenia. Whatever your point of view is, whether you choose veganism as your lifestyle or not, festivals and events like this are always a great opportunity to educate yourself about something new and, in this case, enjoy delicious food and a rich musical programme in Ljubljana at the biggest festival of veganism in Slovenia

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