Valencia photo spots - city, street and nature

Some cities are just plain pretty, and some are a little less photo-friendly. I wanted to give you a little bit of a guide to some spots you should check out in Valencia, to get the very best photos of the city. I'll include some of my favourite locations, as well as the best times to be there to get some really amazing shots. Consider this your Instagram tour of one of the most beautiful cities in all of Spain (a country really quite Instagram ready to start with). Parks in Valencia, some great quiet streets and some bustling locations can be found below.

Busy city shots that capture the essence of the centre...

There are two places that I love to take people to show them something of the city energy and bustle that Valencia has to offer, one that is perfect to see people and movement, and another which is great to see daily life and routines in their most picture friendly places.

The central square in Valencia is an incredible location to really get a sense of the energy of the city, and the combination of the wide open square, the busy traffic and the dominating fountain in the middle make it ideal. You can take some fantastic shots from the centre of the square, and capture the grand and beautiful government buildings, and you can also get some really lively shots from the streets that ring the square. These side streets are packed with fun restaurants and fast-walking people, as well as plenty of tourists as well. These locations are great any time of the day, sunny or night.

The quieter streets and 'Spanish' evening vibe...

Warm nights in long thin streets, with open street cafes and restaurants and great food are for me, the hallmark of Spain. There is nowhere I have visited that can compete with Spain (and Valencia) for gentle evening vibes. Some of my absolute favourite streets to really capture this gentle, relaxed and easy-going outdoor dining atmosphere are the streets surrounding the cathedral in Valencia. Based in the Cuitat Vella district of the city, these streets are tiny and tall, and with the right light (during early mornings and early evenings), you can find some stunning shots of Spanish life glacially drifting by.

Cuitat Vella and its quiet streets

Natural beauty in the city...

There is nowhere better in the city to find natural beauty mixed with Valencia's unique energy, than the part of the park right below the Palau de la Musica de Valencia. Here you can find a large rectangle pond surrounded by tall columns, as well as gorgeous Japanese looking trees planted in little islands on the corners of the pond. Trees all around, and people gathering to dance, cycle and hang out make this a really peaceful gathering of the natural and easy-going energy that typifies Valencia to me.

To the side of the pond mentioned above

On the side of this pond is a row of palm trees that frame a shot beautifully, and I'd highly recommend checking out this spot for a great photo.

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