Unique places not to miss in & around Porvoo

Pauliina Flam | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you are visiting Porvoo, you are probably going to walk the old town streets in the first place, but what to do when all is seen? Luckily there are more places to wonder than the old town. Just taking a few steps from the most famous area, you can find very interesting spots.

An old railway station

Strolling the old town, walk over the small bridge between the Porvoo Cathedral and the Linnanmäki hill. After crossing the river, just walk straight a tiny bit more, and soon you will notice an old railway, hidden under grass and soil. Now, just step on it and follow until you see an old building on your left. This is a forgotten railway station and one of my favorite urban places around Porvoo. You can climb old train carriages and sit on an old-school terrace


 Besides the urban atmosphere, you can find one of my favorite places in town: Wanha Makasiinipuoti. It is hard to explain what this place is, just take a step in and decide for yourself how would you call it. Here you can buy old postcards, handmade crafts, organic products, and original souvenirs. Additionally, you can drink a cup of coffee while reading an antique book and watching the passing toy train. You can also enjoy the art gallery and talk to the friendliest person in the world working at Wanha Makasiinipuoti. He will probably show you a secret "room" inside the gallery with pictures of people all around the world. Will you recognize what brings them together?  By the way, the rails are still in use by a "museum- train" for just a few times a year.

Have a cultural break in Runeberg Museum

Runeberg is, probably, the most famous local person. He was a great poet who did not bring only words to read but also cakes to taste. His wife used to make a famous cake with raspberry jam and sugar frosting, which is nowadays called a 'Runeberg cake' and is traditionally eaten once a year on the Runeberg Day. In fact, visiting the Runeberg Museum, you can find the original recipe in the old cookbook of Mrs. Runeberg. The Museum includes a handful of guides with pictures of rooms and interesting stories about the things around. Here, you can learn about the life of the famous poet but also dive into an old-time aristocratic lifestyle. The thing I like the most about this place - is watching the old furniture closely and trying to guess what elements were "tuned" by Mrs. Runeberg. She was an active artisan and smartly turned the old pieces of whatever into something new and useful. 

Discover the local archipelago 

Porvoo is situated on the seashore and includes a bunch of beautiful islands to visit. The most known must be Pellinki. Pellinki is a collection of islands around 20 km from Porvoo city and is accessible by different transport, including buses and boatsPellinki is known for its cliffs, rocky shores, and unlimited gorgeous picnic places. There are also some cafes and places to buy food on the spot, but the best part of it is, of course, nature


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