Unique liquor, food and music at Manchin Saketen, Tokyo

Mayo Harry | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Tokyo is one of the most diverse and fascinating metropolitan cities on the planet. Tokyo’s nightlife is complex, ever-changing, and legendary. There are many options for drinking places to choose from; from tachinomi stand bars, cozy and homely izakaya, atmospheric bars with mixology to up-market night-view hotel lounges. The uniqueness of Manchin Saketen makes it stand out from these options. It is a liquor store with a very unique product lineup: this is one of Manchin Saketen’s special features. At Manchin Saketen, an extensive selection of wines and craft beers are carefully selected from high-quality small-scare spirits and liquor productions from around the world. There is a tasting bar inside the store. An experienced owner and staff can choose the bottle to fit your taste and mood on the spot. Here you can also find more than 70 different mezcals directly imported from Mexico: some of them are only available at Manchin Saketen in Japan.

©Manchin Saketen / Unknown

Experience a bar and a liquor store at the same time 

©Manchin Saketen / Unknown

At Manchin Saketen, you can enjoy tasting and cocktails along with soothing music. Manchin Saketen is not just a bar but also possesses a liquor license. Based on their concept of "rare liquor produced by the world's microorganisms," rare brewed liquor such as craft beer, natural wine, Mexican mezcal, sotor and tequila, craft gin, whiskey, rum, Peruvian grape brandy, pisco are carefully selected and gathered from around the world and within Japan. The owner is particular about the selections of these liquors that are full of craftsmanship and produced in small quantities. There are more than ten different Japanese craft beers available, which are popular among customers from overseas.

©Manchin Saketen / Unknown

Delicious deli by Mangosteen catering

©Manchin Saketen / Unknown

Manchin Saketen offers unique, super delicious deli/tapas-style food. These amazing foods are freshly cooked by Mangosteen catering, which is located 60 steps away from Manchin Saketen. Before Manchin Saketen was open, Mongosteen catering kitchen had a counter bar for customers to take delight in their creative super yummy food and extensive selections of liquor. Mangosteen catering started about 15 years ago and has been supplying its amazingly presented catering food to major companies, like Nike, Northface, UNIQLO, Mclaren, etc. After huge demand and the right timing, Mangosteen opened its bar and liquor shop space in a perfect location: in the Manchin Saketen. You can choose the amazing deli/tapas to go with your drink at the eat-in bar area, or take-out with matching drinks. 

©Manchin Saketen / Unknown

Make sure you try the tacos, whose handmade tortilla skins contain 100% corn from Mexico, but their wrapping includes ethnic and various Japanese ingredients.  The sushi rolls ‘Makisu’ are also highly recommended. There are many other interesting deli/tapas foods to choose from. Add Manchin Saketen ’s special food to your to-do list.

©Manchin Saketen / Unknown

Music at Manchin Saketen

©Manchin Saketen / Unkown

Manchin Saketen is particular with their music. This is because of how it originally started. In 1999, a dance party crew, VITAMIN-Q, established the Mangosteen Café in Meguro, Tokyo: this is where many of Japan’s popular DJs, musicians, and different types of artists gathered there to create the scene.  The current owner, Daisuke, was a part of the VITAMIN-Q crew, and after the café closed in 2005 due to the original owner’s lifestyle change, he started the Mangosteen catering. This flow has influenced the strong music element of Manchin Saketen. Manchin Saketen organizes once a month a music event at the store. Each event has a set theme, and ‘liquor,’ ‘food’ and ‘music’ are always linked together. There is a variety of regular and new customers who come and enjoy the great vibe and friendly atmosphere of these events.

©Manchin Saketen / Unknown

The nightlife options in Tokyo are limitless. However, make sure you pay a visit to Manchin Saketen. It will definitely satisfy your desire to experience the uniqueness of Tokyo’s modern drinking culture with a high-quality music element. Manchin Saketen is perfect to start exploring the nightlife of Tokyo or wind down the busy night. Either way, Manchin Saketen will be another special memory of your Tokyo visit.   

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