Tyumen Restaurant-Museum "Chum": informative and tasty

Natalya Lisovskaya | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Why do people like to travel? When traveling, all problems are forgotten, and instead, new vivid impressions appear. These notions consist of acquaintance with a different culture, history, and, of course, local cuisine. If you find yourself in Tyumen, you can get it all in one place - in the unique Tyumen Restaurant-Museum "Chum". Here, you will be told about the life of the indigenous peoples of the Tyumen North and fed with traditional dishes of the national cuisine of the Nenets and Khanty. Thus, your lunch experience will be both informative and tasty.

Oil in vitro, shaman's tambourine and making wishes

© Tyumen Restaurant-Museum "Chum"/ Nikolai Yuzhanin

You will see a fragment of the tundra vegetation as soon as you cross the threshold of the restaurant-museum - moss, reindeer moss, juniper. The life of oil workers and geologists during the development of the natural resources of the northern territories of Western Siberia is presented in a separate exposition. Oil industry workers present real oil in vitro. They brought a flask of oil from a new field.   

A special place for making wishes is also here, designed by a specially requested shaman. For many years, regular visitors to "Chum" have been taking advantage of this opportunity and claim that their wishes come true. By the way, an authentic shaman's tambourine can be seen in the hall. 

© Tyumen Restaurant-Museum "Chum"/ Nikolai Yuzhanin

There are a great number of exhibits collected by employees on expeditions to Yamal - sleds, oars, fishing and hunting equipment, household and clothing items, and even musical instruments. Besides, some of the guests left gifts, such as a huge boar head and a stuffed lynx. Visitors enjoy taking pictures with the latter. 

© Tyumen Restaurant-Museum "Chum"/ Nikolai Yuzhanin

You will certainly be interested in the story of a deer team. It turns out that the main one of the three is the left deer. The leader is raised from infancy - this is a very valuable deer. The heart of the restaurant-museum is the chum (sort of a house), built in accordance with all the rules. In the north, women usually make chum because men are occupied with deer. 

© Tyumen Restaurant-Museum "Chum"/ Nikolai Yuzhanin

Impressive exotic of northern cuisine

© Tyumen Restaurant-Museum "Chum"/ Nikolai Yuzhanin

The main components of the national cuisine of the northern peoples are meat, fish, and berries. Much of what is eaten in camps seems exotic to the urban man. For example, to compensate for the lack of vitamins, the Nenets drink the blood of a freshly killed deer and eat its raw liver. But there are also less intense dishes that have won the hearts and stomachs of foreigners. 

© Tyumen Restaurant-Museum "Chum"/ Nikolai Yuzhanin

Stroganinas are thin slices of frozen fish or meat, like chips. People of different nationalities enjoy Stroganina from muksun or nelma. Khanty and Nenets usually eat stroganina with macalo - a mixture of salt and pepper. Meat is eaten with lingonberry sauce. In the restaurant-museum "Chum," you will be served stroganina on a block of ice so that a piece melts in your mouth and not on a plate.

© Tyumen Restaurant-Museum "Chum"/ Nikolai Yuzhanin

Northern peoples have always procured fish for the future. In winter there were no problems - the whole Yamal is one large refrigerator, but in the short northern summer, salted or dried fish needs to be well stored. A very few people today will refuse a piece of salted nelma or some Sosvinian herrings.

With the formation of factories where hunters and fishermen could exchange their prey for the necessary goods, the menu of the Nenets and Khanty became more diverse as flour appeared. Women began to bake fritters, adding grated caviar or deer blood to the dough. In the Restaurant-Museum "Chum", national fritters made from unleavened dough are prepared with completely acceptable additives - temyan, pike caviar, bird cherry flour, or pine nuts.

© Tyumen Restaurant-Museum "Chum"/ Nikolai Yuzhanin

Khanty and Nenets have always been wonderful hunters. The restaurant's menu contains meat of wild animals and birds. Boar or goose? Maybe a stewed bear? The choice is yours! By visiting this restaurant-museum, you will not only learn a lot of interesting things about the life of the peoples of the North but also make sure that the harsh northern nature can become the source of the most vivid gastronomic impressions. You will remember this visit to the Tyumen Restaurant-Museum "Chum" as informative and tasty.

© Tyumen Restaurant-Museum "Chum"/ Nikolai Yuzhanin

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