Types of people in Narvik, Norway

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

I will describe the 5 essential personalities in the city that I have lived in for 20 years. The mentality of the people will be showcased here. People are diverse in this city with regards to their thinking. I have used years to narrow down the best way to explain this to foreigners and will do so on this page. These are the 5 types of people you will meet in Narvik, Norway. For the town hero of Narvik, have a look at Svarta Bjørn.

The wise old man tells the story about when he was young in the 50s.

Where you find him

He sits on a bench in the city center with a brown hat and a kind little smile.

What he does

He reads the newspaper and compare the city to how it was before. This old man actively seeks out people who are willing to listen to his tales about the war and how the supermarket prices have risen.

What he likes

To exist is something he is more grateful for now. You find him hanging out in the city like the Hip teenager, except that he doesn't have a phone, and he's not in a rush.

How does he benefit the city?

He makes the scenery of the city. These are the people who show that people actually lives here. They have things to tell and discuss and gives a classic flavor to the city.

The guy who looks at comedians as philosophers and says that podcast is the new version of books. We can switch out books for podcasts, that’s the way to capture the young people. You might not agree with this guy, however, he will entertain you.

Where you find them

It is likely that they are home on their computers. It is also likely that they are in the cultural center and discussing some social issue with the Cultural activist girl. These two share the interest of how the world ideally functions. Their idea of the right approach is what separates their minds.

What they do

They will look like a misunderstood genius a lot of times. Even though that might be completely false. This is how they look at themselves. Their work will often be something that is a little bit fancy but nothing they actually love. They might work in a video game store or a comic book store. It is very interesting to talk to them because they really want to go back and forth in a communicative manner with their ideas.

What they like

They like having content based conversations. A lot of times small talk is making them tense.

How do they benefit the city?

This is the person you disagree with and still like. They are aware that we are just trying to figure out how to function in the world and don't really have bad intentions towards anyone. That is very rare and is almost synonymous with free thinking.

This person is young and has got hir/her own job. What they like to do during their free time is to ride their car. The car is their second home (They call it their main home). When they ride in their car and listen to electronic music they talk about what type of car it is and how much it costs to buy one.

Where you find them

You find them cruising around their city in every corner with their car.

What they do

They have work on the side and talks about cars and work and eats a lot of burgers at the gas station.

What they like

They like cars and burgers and soda. This is their life.

How do they benefit the city?

They give us electronic music and they look very cool with their caps inside of the car.

She tells us about the problems we are facing and the infrastructure of the city. They are interested in the arts and politics. They see a problem with the rush hour traffic we have in our little city and proposes a solution that they thought of.

Where you find them

You find them in the cultural center or the cinema where they play guitar with their friends.

What they do

They are probably a student.

What they like

They like change. Usually, the kind of change that is improving something. They are optimistic about change. To her, change is the default for improvement a lot of times.

How do they benefit the city?

Their views are very interesting to listen to. It's fascinating how they say the world functions and who controls us. It's amusing to see their passion.

The happy workers are people who are happy to see you when you enter the shop. I mean truly happy, not the 'fakingly pretends to do a good job by smiling' kind of happy. They actually want you to have a nice experience because they understand that their life is better if they do a good job. When they do a good job that means the customer is happy.

Where you find them

In the supermarket where they work.

What they do

They maintain the workplace that they spend time in.

What they like

Their view of life is to improve every place that they enter. That means to be nice to customers because that is the best solution for all. Do things properly, because that is better for all.

How do they benefit the city?

They maintain the space that you surround yourself in and do so with a smile. They don't do their job shitty because that makes them shitty.

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