Trujillo, the colonial city of the eternal spring

Vanesa Zegada | Live the World

November 23, 2022

There is a colonial city with walls painted in bright colors and spring weather all year round. And what is even more attractive is that this city is full of culture. Its architecture, gastronomy, and even its dances, reflect a strong influence from the colonial period. This city is Trujillo, located in the north of Peru. Come with me, and let's discover it together!

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The downtown of this city looks like an open-air museum filled with colors. A short walk through its colonial buildings is enough to take anyone back in time when Trujillo was one of the most important colonial cities of the continent.

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Among the colorful buildings of Trujillo, there are two that reflect its colonial essence in a unique way. The first one is the Cathedral of Trujillo. Inside of its walls, it saves magnificent art pieces created hundreds of years ago. The second building is Casa Urquiaga, one of the best-preserved colonial houses in the entire city. The house is not only beautiful, but it also hosted important characters of Latin American history.

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But, of course, architecture is not the only cultural expression in Trujillo. Everything from its gastronomy to its music has a notorious Spanish touch.

If you would like to discover the regional gastronomy, music, and dances in one single place, I recommend you to enjoy a typical meal accompanied by a local show. During these shows, the people of Trujillo perform something they are very proud of: the marinera dance performed in couples, with a notorious Spanish heritage, that shows graceful, agile, and passionate moves.

If you happen to be in Trujillo the first months of the year, you might even be able to be in the Marinera Festival, where, for several days, lots of talented couples show their best dancing skills.

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Even if the Spanish legacy is clearly reflected in Trujillo, this area was previously home to other civilizations, with their own cultural expressions. A great way to discover their legacy is through the fascinating pieces that they left behind. And you can do it in the Archeological Museum of Trujillo. This museum is the best place to have an insight into pre-colonial cultures if you plan to visit any of the archeological sites near Trujillo.

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There is no doubt that Trujillo, the colonial city of the eternal spring, is a place rich in history and culture. It can transport anyone hundreds of years back, in an enjoyable journey filled with architecture, food, music, and dances. So, if you want to explore the north of Peru, Trujillo is a great place to start!

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