Travel in time in Belgrade with Polet

Zlata Golaboska | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Whenever you hear about Belgrade, it is probably related to a wild night life that is happening here. Two years ago, near the famous bohemian district Skadarlija, another party street popped up. It's in a district called Cetinska, and it is happening in an old brewery building. The first summer when Cetinska started to function was the craziest summer of my life. Just because of the atmosphere of this place. When the building in Belgrade's waterfront (located in the Cetinska district) became the hot spot for parties and fun activities, the locals from Savamala who enjoyed nightlife started to go here and to Cetinska instead of other clubs in the city.

There are old pubs and cafe's, plus several new ones, and they are very close to Skadarlija. Can you imagine? One fresh spot was offered to the domestic youth and to the tourists, and on top of that it was spiced up with the Serbian hospitality and easygoingness. An amazing place to be. As you can assume, the party can't last forever. The neighbors started complaining soon and now the parties should be over by 1 am. This sanction lead to a reduction of the energy of this district, but still it is lively and fun. Until 1 am, it can offer you an excellent stay. Do visit!

My favourite place here and why? Polet.

It's a coffee bar and store where you can find anything that you would find in a regular Jugoslavian family back in the 70s, such as liquor, traditional snacks and design furniture of that time. Polet was a Yugoslavian music magazine, focused on the new wave of music from 1976-1980' s. I believe this is why this place got this name. It is exactly this atmosphere you can feel here, Yugoslavia in the late 70's.

People here are easy going. The music is excellent and prices are affordable. Last time when I visited this place there was a tribute event for David Bowie, and it was crowded for a Tuesday night. In one point of my visit here, I found myself sharing pizza and a table with people that I did not know. This didn't stop us from ordering p[izza from a near place]( and to enjoy the night fully. That’s how cozy and easy going this place is!

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