Torvehallerne- Copenhagen’s Food Paradise

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Torvehallerne is one of Copenhagen’s hidden gems, built and used as the largest, non-typical supermarket. It’s an urban covered marketplace, which opened in 2011. It is located in central Copenhagen, next to the Botanical Gardens and the Copenhagen lakes. 

This amazing covered marketplace is open seven days a week, and will not disappoint! Torvehallerne is visited by over 100 thousand Copenhageners every week. The indoor market is composed of more than 60 stalls, which sell fresh produce, pastries and baked goods, Greek delicacies, Spanish Jamon Iberico, fish, meat, exotic spices, and other delicacies. The venue has also a small area dedicated to people who want to eat on site and finish their meal with a delicious coffee. 

Picture © Credits to visitcopenhagen

Torvehallerne is a popular place to go at any point during the day, including breakfast; hence you find numerous stalls with a variety of all breakfast types. Savoury, porridge, smoothie bowls, pastries, and most importantly freshly brewed coffee can be all found at Coffee Collective.   

Picture © Credits to visitcopenhagen

As we move later into the day for lunch and dinner, you again have numerous options. You may decide to be creative and make your own salad mix. For the sushi lovers amongst you, check out the selection of sushi made from daily fresh fish. In case you’d like to have a Mexican lunch, then award-winning tacos are waiting for you. My point is, Torvehallerne is for everyone, during any time of the day.   

Don't miss out on some of the best food.

Here are some suggestions for food and dishes, which you should not miss out on. Porridge has become a recent favorite among Danes; at Grød you can taste a variety of porridge dishes with various toppings, seasonal ingredients, and fruit.  Hija de Sanchez is also a must! This place won the award for the best street food in Europe, in 2018. Hija de Sanchez stall’s specialty is tacos, which are made completely from scratch by chef Rosio Sanchez

Picture © Credits to visitcopenhagen
Picture © Credits to visitcopenhagen

Themes and Events at Torvehallerne

The fun part about Torvehallerne is that it organizes different events throughout the year, as well as thematic events throughout the weekdays. For example some stalls have a ‘meat free Monday’ theme and thus cut out meat from the menu once per week. Every Tuesday, VinVeto II organises a wine tasting class, where you can choose from a selection of around 100 wines. The tasting class lasts for one hour.    

Wednesdays are champagne happy hour days. Le Petit Vinbar gives you the opportunity to taste some of the best champagnes at very reasonable prices. Friday, "fun day": if you don’t know how to open an oyster or you never tried one, then Hav is your place to be on Friday evenings. Hav will you give a little crash course when it comes to buying and eating oysters!

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